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Regular expression filters in SQLAlchemy
Module implementing an enhanced string column type for SQLAlchemy
with a support for regular expression operators in Postgres and SQLite.
import re
from sqlalchemy import String as _String, event, exc
from sqlalchemy.engine import Engine
from sqlalchemy.ext.compiler import compiles
from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import BinaryExpression, func, literal
from sqlalchemy.sql.operators import custom_op
import sqlite3
__all__ = ['String']
class String(_String):
"""Enchanced version of standard SQLAlchemy's :class:`String`.
Supports additional operators that can be used while constructing
filter expressions.
class comparator_factory(_String.comparator_factory):
"""Contains implementation of :class:`String` operators
related to regular expressions.
def regexp(self, other):
return RegexMatchExpression(self.expr, literal(other), custom_op('~'))
def iregexp(self, other):
return RegexMatchExpression(self.expr, literal(other), custom_op('~*'))
def not_regexp(self, other):
return RegexMatchExpression(self.expr, literal(other), custom_op('!~'))
def not_iregexp(self, other):
return RegexMatchExpression(self.expr, literal(other), custom_op('!~*'))
class RegexMatchExpression(BinaryExpression):
"""Represents matching of a column againsts a regular expression."""
@compiles(RegexMatchExpression, 'sqlite')
def sqlite_regex_match(element, compiler, **kw):
"""Compile the SQL expression representing a regular expression match
for the SQLite engine.
# determine the name of a custom SQLite function to use for the operator
operator = element.operator.opstring
func_name, _ = SQLITE_REGEX_FUNCTIONS[operator]
except (KeyError, ValueError), e:
would_be_sql_string = ' '.join((compiler.process(element.left),
raise exc.StatementError(
"unknown regular expression match operator: %s" % operator,
would_be_sql_string, None, e)
# compile the expression as an invocation of the custom function
regex_func = getattr(func, func_name)
regex_func_call = regex_func(element.left, element.right)
return compiler.process(regex_func_call)
@event.listens_for(Engine, 'connect')
def sqlite_engine_connect(dbapi_connection, connection_record):
"""Listener for the event of establishing connection to a SQLite database.
Creates the functions handling regular expression operators
within SQLite engine, pointing them to their Python implementations above.
if not isinstance(dbapi_connection, sqlite3.Connection):
for name, function in SQLITE_REGEX_FUNCTIONS.values():
dbapi_connection.create_function(name, 2, function)
# Mapping from the regular expression matching operators
# to named Python functions that implement them for SQLite.
'~': ('REGEXP',
lambda value, regex: bool(re.match(regex, value))),
'~*': ('IREGEXP',
lambda value, regex: bool(re.match(regex, value, re.IGNORECASE))),
'!~': ('NOT_REGEXP',
lambda value, regex: not re.match(regex, value)),
'!~*': ('NOT_IREGEXP',
lambda value, regex: not re.match(regex, value, re.IGNORECASE)),

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datavistics commented Jan 17, 2018

I used this to create a column, then I populated the database (sqlite3) with a few rows, but I get this error from the Pycharm database console:

[2018-01-17 12:14:13] Connected
sql> select count(*) from relationships_submission where relationships_submission.title REGEXP '\[\d+\]'
[2018-01-17 12:14:13] [1] [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (no such function: REGEXP)
sql> select count(*) from relationships_submission where relationships_submission.title ~ '\[\d+\]'
[2018-01-17 12:14:23] [1] [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near "~": syntax error)

Any advice?

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