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Last active October 2, 2022 02:16
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Query string authenticators for Requests
Requests' authenticator that attaches given parameters
to the URL query string.
License: Public Domain.
from requests.auth import AuthBase
class QueryStringAuth(AuthBase):
"""Authenticator that attaches a set of query string parameters
(e.g. an API key) to the request.
def __init__(self, **params):
self.params = {}
for name, value in params.items():
if value is None:
continue # None means 'no value' in Requests, too
if name.endswith('[]'):
name = name[:-2]
self.params[name] = value
def __call__(self, request):
if self.params:
request.prepare_url(request.url, self.params)
return request
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