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Windows Rakudo Build Failing using Visual Studio Community 2019
Failure shown here:
C:\Users\cbwood\Projects\rakudo>nmake install
Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 14.27.29112.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
+++ Checking for moar NQP version
+++ Expanding gen\moar\main-version.nqp
+++ Generating gen\moar\rakudo.nqp
+++ Generating gen\moar\Grammar.nqp
+++ Generating gen\moar\World.nqp
+++ Generating gen\moar\ModuleLoader.nqp
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\ModuleLoader.moarvm
+++ Generating gen\moar\Ops.nqp
+++ Compiling dynext\perl6_ops_moar.dll
Creating library dynext\perl6_ops_moar.lib and object dynext\perl6_ops_moar.exp
Generating code
Finished generating code
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Ops.moarvm
+++ Generating gen\moar\Pod.nqp
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Pod.moarvm
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\World.moarvm
+++ Generating gen\moar\Actions.nqp
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Actions.moarvm
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Grammar.moarvm
+++ Generating gen\moar\Compiler.nqp
+++ Generating gen\moar\Optimizer.nqp
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Optimizer.moarvm
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Compiler.moarvm
+++ Generating gen\moar\SysConfig.nqp
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\SysConfig.moarvm
+++ Compiling rakudo.moarvm
+++ Generating gen\moar\BOOTSTRAP\v6c.nqp
+++ Generating gen\moar\Metamodel.nqp
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\Metamodel.moarvm
+++ Compiling blib\Perl6\BOOTSTRAP\v6c.moarvm
+++ Compiling blib\CORE.c.setting.moarvm
The following step can take a long time, please be patient.
Stage start : 0.000
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\Perl64\bin\perl.exe' : return code '0xff'
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