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Created May 31, 2019 04:25
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# bad: [374e7c79eaae2dd53e2038c7f5a737653ca5e214] * 2018-01-01
# good: [5659843d6e74e321c2af58e1f3f5f73514509282] * 2017-01-01
git bisect start '374e7c79eaae2dd53e2038c7f5a737653ca5e214' '5659843d6e74e321c2af58e1f3f5f73514509282'
# bad: [dc7f2cd58615afb193f46b2bec1285186f5bf5bd] Add initial test for lldb extension
git bisect bad dc7f2cd58615afb193f46b2bec1285186f5bf5bd
# good: [fe378f03f7ff18abecb8dc9e1daf957de816e39f] test/test_prime.rb: update method name in comment
git bisect good fe378f03f7ff18abecb8dc9e1daf957de816e39f
# good: [abbfc048c5890e8017360bbc845062ea1585e155] suppress warning: ambiguous first argument; put parentheses or a space even after `-' operator
git bisect good abbfc048c5890e8017360bbc845062ea1585e155
# bad: [5522d79803766d715c37a7826e079b1c05c11e59] downloader.rb: get rid of symlinks
git bisect bad 5522d79803766d715c37a7826e079b1c05c11e59
# bad: [6c3f1461cd8052486f8e124f8f899447f653505b] remove ruby_kill() introduced for [Bug #7951].
git bisect bad 6c3f1461cd8052486f8e124f8f899447f653505b
# bad: [71b3abeba3230f123598971dc6fc945c046663da] ruby.c: dladdr_path is not used on cygwin
git bisect bad 71b3abeba3230f123598971dc6fc945c046663da
# good: [cc50ed4a5044133ef1ef79d31aa7d850bf3ca83b] add debug counters for local variable (lavr) access.
git bisect good cc50ed4a5044133ef1ef79d31aa7d850bf3ca83b
# bad: [59609c547d7990ac092b0219d273bdbf10bbd4f6] Create the file in the File::TMPFILE spec in its own directory
git bisect bad 59609c547d7990ac092b0219d273bdbf10bbd4f6
# bad: [7c9af2d2541ef662397135ec29188fd2dab1a05d] vm_eval.c: fix for rb_check_funcall_default
git bisect bad 7c9af2d2541ef662397135ec29188fd2dab1a05d
# bad: [eb59047e2aabb050b23061d513f7b89dc2905670] * 2017-06-01
git bisect bad eb59047e2aabb050b23061d513f7b89dc2905670
# bad: [478003f6df40dc79d33c6ec86919f2dde07284be] rename absolute_path to realpath internally and introduce pathobj.
git bisect bad 478003f6df40dc79d33c6ec86919f2dde07284be
# good: [d0015e4ac6b812ea1681b1f5fa86fbab52a58960] Improve performance of implicit type conversion
git bisect good d0015e4ac6b812ea1681b1f5fa86fbab52a58960
# first bad commit: [478003f6df40dc79d33c6ec86919f2dde07284be] rename absolute_path to realpath internally and introduce pathobj.
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