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Last active Nov 7, 2020
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Unified Logging for network




Log message is sent to the consumer in plain text each time it is issued. The user can configure it with -Xlog option.

  1. Log message is issued from the code in HotSpot
  2. Log message is stored in message buffer
    • Capacity of message buffer can be configured by -XX:NumOfULMessageBuffer (default: 100)
  3. UL shipper thread pulls log message, and then sends to log consumer via TCP socket
    • UL shipper thread is started when -Xlog is configured
    • UL shipper connects socket to the consumer - We can set connection timeout with -XX:ULSocketConnectionTimeout

Abnormal case

  • Message buffer is full
    • Issuer is blocked until the slot is available in message buffer
    • We can set timeout with -XX:ULMessageBufferTimeout
  • UL shipper is down
    • Disable log output, and shutdown socket to the consumer
  • TCP connection is lost (includes send syscall returns error)
    • Disable log output
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