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Readme: In the following pseudo code, [] indicates a subroutine.
Sometimes I choose to write the subroutine inline under the [] in order to maintain context.
One important fact about the way rollbacks are handled here is that we are storing state for every frame.
In any real implementation you only need to store one game state at a time. Storing a game
state for every frame allows us to only rollback to the first frame where the predicted inputs don't match the true ones.
MAX_ROLLBACK_FRAMES := Any Positive Integer # Specifies the maximum number of frames that can be resimulated
FRAME_ADVANTAGE_LIMIT := Any Positive Integer # Specifies the number of frames the local client can progress ahead of the remote client before time synchronizing.
ruby0x1 / haxe-unzip-example.hx
Created Jun 7, 2014
Unzip a file with haxe - example
View haxe-unzip-example.hx
public static function unzip( _path:String, _dest:String, ignoreRootFolder:String = "" ) {
var _in_file = _path );
var _entries = _in_file );
for(_entry in _entries) {
var fileName = _entry.fileName;
beepdavid / gist:b72f7494f84bd52f82c12beedaaf2c72
Last active Jan 14, 2017
Dynamic mesh triangulation of curved path shapes
View gist:b72f7494f84bd52f82c12beedaaf2c72
Very quick overview of how this works:
1) Custom path tool that supports line, quad and bezier sections
2) On path change, create a polygon (Vector3 array) by sampling points along the path
3) Curves are sampled evenly by estimating the curve length first, then sampling at the required curve resolution
4) Feed polygon into to get triangle data (this needs some work to use in Unity)
5) Create procedural mesh using output triangle data
6) Profit!
Any questions, comment or tweet me @beepdavid :)
AxGord / FastSignalsExample.hx
Created Apr 2, 2014
Ultra fast and small strict typed simple signals.
View FastSignalsExample.hx
package ;
class FastSignalsExample {
static function main() {
var o = new Signal1<String>();
o.add(function(v) trace(v));
profelis / HxWorker.hx
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Create flash Worker from single class (inspired by
View HxWorker.hx
package worker;
import flash.display.Sprite;
import flash.system.*;
import format.swf.*;
* usage:
* -lib format