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Yimi (César Vidril) Yimiprod

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The Universe says Hi Stranger
Tranquility is destination (1)
Listen to the stars
The Light says New Friend
If the stars ain't gone
Put the stars into the light
The Sun is too antediluvian (32 / space)
The Moon is your fate (44 / comma)
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$scroll-shadow-background: rgb(255, 255, 255) !default;
$scroll-shadow-color: rgb(0, 0, 0) !default;
$scroll-shadow-intensity: 0.15 !default;
$scroll-shadow-cover: 40px !default;
$scroll-shadow-size: 14px !default;
@mixin scroll-shadow-vertical($background-color: $scroll-shadow-background, $shadow-intensity: $scroll-shadow-intensity, $shadow-color: $scroll-shadow-color, $cover-size: $scroll-shadow-cover, $shadow-size: $scroll-shadow-size) {
// Shadow covers
linear-gradient($background-color 30%, rgba($background-color,0)),
Yimiprod / .csscomb.json
Last active May 15, 2020
smacss definition for scss-lint and csscomb
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"exclude": [
"remove-empty-rulesets": true,
"always-semicolon": true,
"color-case": "lower",
"block-indent": " ",
"color-shorthand": false,
Yimiprod / difference.js
Last active Apr 7, 2021
Deep diff between two object, using lodash
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* Deep diff between two object, using lodash
* @param {Object} object Object compared
* @param {Object} base Object to compare with
* @return {Object} Return a new object who represent the diff
function difference(object, base) {
function changes(object, base) {
return _.transform(object, function(result, value, key) {
if (!_.isEqual(value, base[key])) {