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Created November 15, 2012 09:50
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<role name="Exclusive Agent">
<area name="QA" number="123544"/>
<role name="Independent Agent">
<area name="Password Reset / Disabled User ID" number="1235434" />
<area name="Alstar / Impact" number="13245" />
<area name="Alliance New Business">
<area name="Find a Customer" number="2345" />
<area name="Policy View"> <area name="Find a Customer" number="2345" /> </area>
<area name="Agency Gateway / Application Tech Support" number="123454" />
<area name="Voicemail">
<area name="Support A" number="2345" />
<area name="Support B" number="32343" />
<role name="Financial Services">
<area name="test2" number="123544"/>
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