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Hacker News scraper artoo.js bookmarklet

artoo.js Hacker News Bookmarklet

The intention of this gist is merely to show what can be done with artoo.js and how you create a simple bookmarklet to address your issues.

This gist therefore contains a basic artoo.js project with a package.json, a gulpfile.js and an index.js file.


To manually build the bookmarklet download this gist, enter its folder and run the following:

# Assuming you have installed grunt ([sudo] npm install -g grunt grunt-cli)
npm install

This should create a build/hacker_news.bookmark.js file containing the bookmarklet as well as automatically copying it to your clipboard so you can install it on your browser without further ado.


  • .gitignore : Do you really need an explanation?
  • gulpfile.js : containing the gulp task compiling the bookmarklet.
  • index.js : the Hacker News scraper depending on artoo.
  • package.json: the npm project definition, registering dependencies for your project.
var gulp = require('gulp'),
clipboard = require('gulp-clipboard'),
uglify = require('gulp-uglify'),
rename = require('gulp-rename'),
artoo = require('gulp-artoo');
gulp.task('default', function() {
return gulp.src('./index.js')
;(function($, undefined) {
// Specifications to scrape one page's posts
var scraper = {
// We iterate on Hacker News posts
iterator: 'tr tr:has(td.title:has(a)):not(:last)',
// The following object represent the data we want to retrieve.
// The scrape method, as a lot of artoo's methods, is really polymorphic
// and the same thing may be expressed in a great variety of ways.
// Just use the way that fit your coding style the most.
data: {
// For the title, a simple subselector suffice (the text of the element is taken by default)
title: {sel: '.title a'},
// Same for the url, except that we request the 'href' attribute
url: {sel: '.title a', attr: 'href'},
// Following are more tricky as we need to process data a little bit
domain: {
// The sel parameter here is the same as $(currentIteratedEl).find('.comhead')
sel: '.comhead',
method: function($) {
// $(this) is therefore $(currentIteratedEl).find('.comhead')
// artoo follows jQuery paradigm whenever he can
return $(this).text().trim().replace(/[\(\)]/g, '');
// But if you prefer to use a function, right away, help yourself
score: function($) {
return +$(this).find('+ tr [id^=score]').text().replace(' points', '');
// Note that the 'method' function takes artoo's jquery reference as argument.
// This is made so you can access your desired version of jQuery without having to force it
// to the global scope.
user: {
sel: '+ tr a[href^=user]',
method: function($) {
return $(this).length ? $(this).text() : null;
nb_comments: {
sel: '+ tr a[href^=item]',
method: function($) {
var nb = +$(this).text().replace(' comments', '');
return isNaN(nb) ? 0 : nb;
// Fonction to retrieve next page's url
function nextUrl($page) {
return $page.find('td.title:last > a').attr('href');
// We start the scraper and scrape the first page so we don't need to
// get by ajax what we already have
artoo.log.debug('Starting the scraper...');
var frontpage = artoo.scrape(scraper);
// Then we launch the ajax spider
// This function is an iterator that returns the next page url
// It stops the spider if it returns false, else you'll need a limit param
function(i, $data) {
return nextUrl(!i ? $(document) : $data);
// This is a configuration object passed to the spider
// We only want to fetch two more pages, to total three with the first one.
limit: 2,
// We want to scrape the HTML retrieved by ajax
scrape: scraper,
// We want to concat new elements in the spider's accumulator so we have
// a flat list at the end
concat: true,
// This is the final callback of the spider
// We tell the user that the wait is over and we download the data
done: function(data) {
artoo.log.debug('Finished retrieving data. Downloading...');
{filename: 'hacker_news.json'}
}).call(this, artoo.$);
"name": "hackernews-scraper",
"version": "0.1.0",
"description": "A little artoo.js bookmarklet to scrape and download the first three pages of the famous Hacker News.",
"main": "index.js",
"author": "Yomguithereal",
"license": "MIT",
"dependencies": {
"gulp": "~3.8.7",
"gulp-uglify": "~0.3.1",
"gulp-artoo": "0.0.1",
"gulp-clipboard": "~0.1.1",
"gulp-rename": "~1.2.0"

Assuming you have installed gulp, not grunt? (error in

Hi there,

What if I want to use webpack instead?


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