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Teamcity Email Notification template to give direct download link of an artifact.
<#-- Uses FreeMarker template syntax, template guide can be found at -->
<#import "common.ftl" as common>
<#import "responsibility.ftl" as resp>
<#global subject>[<@common.subjMarker/>, SUCCESSFUL] Build ${project.fullName} :: ${} <@common.short_build_info build/></#global>
<#global body>Build ${project.fullName} :: ${} <@common.short_build_info build/> successful ${var.buildShortStatusDescription}.
<@resp.buildTypeInvestigation buildType true/>
Agent: ${agentName}
Build results: ${link.buildResultsLink}
<#global bodyHtml>
Build <b>${project.fullName?html} :: ${}</b> <a href='${link.buildResultsLink}'><@common.short_build_info build/></a> successful
<div><@resp.buildTypeInvestigation buildType true/></div>
<@common.build_agent build/>
<@common.build_comment build/>
<#-- You can make conditional process with = "PROJECT_NAME" &&"CONFIGURATION_NAME" instead. -->
<#if buildType.externalId = "YOUR_BUILD_CONFIGURATION_ID">
<a href='${buildType.externalId}/.lastSuccessful/bapul-release-${build.buildNumber}.apk'>Click here to download apk.</a>
<@common.build_changes var.changesBean/>
<@common.compilation_errors var.compilationBean/>
<@common.test_errors var.failedTestsBean/>

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Owner Author

commented Feb 13, 2015

For visitors. please see line 26 to 33.


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commented Jan 22, 2016

This is great! Thx a lot for sharing. Saved me quite some time....


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commented Sep 14, 2016


Please let me know if we can render the content on an HTML artifact in email notifier from Teamcity. I need this as some of my teammates don't have login rights to our TC server.


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