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terminator config
enabled_plugins = TerminalShot, LaunchpadCodeURLHandler, APTURLHandler, LaunchpadBugURLHandler
go_up = <Alt>k
move_tab_right = <Shift><Alt>p
move_tab_left = <Shift><Alt>n
next_tab = <Alt>n
split_horiz = <Alt>minus
go_prev = <Shift><Ctrl>p
prev_tab = <Alt>p
go_down = <Alt>j
split_vert = <Alt>backslash
go_right = <Alt>l
broadcast_off = <Alt>f
go_next = <Shift><Ctrl>n
go_left = <Alt>h
hide_window = <Shift><Control><Alt>h
broadcast_group = <Alt>g
scrollbar_position = hidden
palette = "#000000:#cc0000:#4e9a06:#c4a000:#3465a4:#75507b:#06989a:#d3d7cf:#555753:#ef2929:#8ae234:#fce94f:#729fcf:#ad7fa8:#34e2e2:#eeeeec"
background_darkness = 0.89
scrollback_lines = 5000
background_type = transparent
use_system_font = False
foreground_color = "#c8b3b3"
show_titlebar = False
cursor_shape = underline
font = DejaVu Sans YuanTi Mono 11
scrollback_infinite = True
type = Terminal
parent = window0
profile = default
type = Window
parent = ""
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