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Moves the Content transform so the current selected object will be inside the Viewport rect
// Source:
// Moves the Content transform so the current selected object will be inside the Viewport rect
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.EventSystems;
namespace Utils
public sealed class ScrollToSelectionBehaviour : MonoBehaviour
public RectTransform Viewport;
public RectTransform Content;
public bool Horizontal = true;
public bool Vertical = true;
public float DistanceDeltaQuotient = 1000f;
public void Update()
var selected = EventSystem.current.currentSelectedGameObject;
if (selected == null || !selected.TryGetComponent<RectTransform>(out var rectTransform)) {
private void SnapToTarget(RectTransform rectTransform)
Vector2? snapPos = GetTargetRectSnapPos(rectTransform);
if (!snapPos.HasValue) {
var anchoredPos = Content.anchoredPosition;
var destination = new Vector2(Horizontal ? snapPos.Value.x : anchoredPos.x, Vertical ? snapPos.Value.y : anchoredPos.y);
float maxDistanceDelta = Time.deltaTime * DistanceDeltaQuotient;
Content.anchoredPosition = Vector2.MoveTowards(anchoredPos, destination, maxDistanceDelta);
private Vector2? GetTargetRectSnapPos(RectTransform targetRectTransform)
var rectMinWorldPos = (Vector2) targetRectTransform.TransformPoint(targetRectTransform.rect.min);
var rectMaxWorldPos = (Vector2) targetRectTransform.TransformPoint(targetRectTransform.rect.max);
Vector2? minSnap = CalculateViewportTargetDist(rectMinWorldPos);
Vector2? maxSnap = CalculateViewportTargetDist(rectMaxWorldPos);
return maxSnap ?? minSnap;
private Vector2? CalculateViewportTargetDist(Vector2 globalPos)
var invTransTarget = (Vector2) Viewport.InverseTransformPoint(globalPos);
if (Viewport.rect.Contains(invTransTarget)) {
return null;
var invTransContent = (Vector2) Viewport.InverseTransformPoint(Content.position);
return invTransContent - invTransTarget;
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