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Audio Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Audio Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Search the XDA thread

This should always be your first step. More than likely, your question has already been answered...multiple times


If you make a post stating a problem without any logs, nobody can help you and will likely ignore it (at least I will)

  • Get a full logcat. If using adb, use adb logcat -d > log.txt
    • This should be taken after attempting to open the app
  • Get an audio dumpsys:
    • su -c dumpsys media.audio_flinger
  • If using magisk, get the magisk log from magisk manager
    • This should be done after a reboot so the mod is mounted
  • Get a recovery log immediately after installing the mod:
    • For TWRP: Boot into twrp, install mod, navigate to Advanced -> Copy log, recovery.log will be on root of sdcard
    • For Magisk manager: Choose 'Save Logs' after installing the mod

On stock MIUI 8 and newer?

Only audio mods with 64 bit drivers will work. This means that JamesDSP is one of the only mods that'll work for you (V4A won't)

Common Issues:

  • LDAC Issues? See this post for fix
  • Convolver not working?
    • Use V4A 2.7 instead
    • Or if using original v4a, try installing v4a as a user app
      • Note that android system will kill it off when you clear it from recents (unless your on an older rom or something). Just lock it in recents
  • App not showing up in app drawer?
    • This is typically a magisk only issue and means that it isn't getting mounted by magisk.
    • Root cause could be lots of things. Good place to check is the magisk log. See what the last thing run was -> it's likely the culprit. Typical order of loading is: post-fs-data scripts run, system.props are loaded, mods are mounted, scripts are run
    • Typical causes of this are post-fs-data scripts and/or other magisk mods such as ART optimization mod. If you modify ART to more of a speed setting, this kind of issue is more likely to occur (this isn't an issue with the ART mod, it's just the nature of ART itself - more speed = less accuracy)
  • Crackling Sound while booting?
    • This can be caused by v4a starting and being force closed during boot as a workaround for some problem devices (like OP5).
      • Use V4A 2.7 instead OR if using original V4A:
      • Just don't use the workaround
      • Alternatively, if you are on a devices that needs those lines, you could add "sleep 5" just before the am start line. Note that since this greatly lengthens the time the script runs, it could prevent other service scripts from running in time and so break other mods
      • Another alternative is to remove the boot up sound: /system/media/audio/ui/PowerOn.ogg
  • I/O error, driver install prompt, or crashing app?
    • This is typically caused by one of four things: another audio mod is installed (magisk only issue), magisk mounting issues, installer patching error (these have been pretty much worked out so unlikely), sepolicy issues, force close workaround isn't applied
    • Remove any other audio mods or install Audio Modification Library, check magisk log to ensure everything mounted, recovery log will reveal most install errors (also, check system and vendor audio_effects.cfg and ensure v4a entries are there with the right paths to libs set)
    • Sepolicy is more complicated. Read through section 5.5 here for a quick background on it. Bascially, you need to take a full logcat, and search through it for any audit statements that may be related to audio and/or this app and make an allow statement in the service script of the mod. Just make a post with that info and once confirmed, we'll add it the next version of the mod
    • Make sure killall audioserver workaround is applied (it's already built-in to 2.7 so best to just use it. Seeing a pattern here?)
  • No sound processing?
    • For v4a 2.7, go to v4a app settings (gear in top right), and toggle the "Attach audio effects" switch
    • For legacy v4a, after you first boot, you need to toggle the master power button in v4a for sound to being processing. This isn't for all devices of course but for a lot. It's just the nature of old v4a. Other audio mods may be the same
    • If the toggle trick doesn't work, see the last section on sepolicy troubleshooting
  • Still no sound processing or no sound processing on some apps like youtube or other streaming apps?
    • Remove any stock audio apps (like AudioFX or MusicFX), disable any eqs in music players
    • Disable any kind of "direct volume" option in your audio app (like poweramp), this may called other things like "Volume boost / Voices sound lounder" (like in pocket casts)
    • Open you vendor audio_effects.conf file and make note of anything under output_session_processing -> music -> then go under the effects section and comment out each effect section you have listed (music_helper is already done by aml)
    • Try Audio Compatibility Patch
  • Audio cutting out when notifications occur?
  • Audio app not processing audio with USB devices?
  • Not sure how to disable codec power gating for Chdloc's Biquads?
  • Stuck on the boot animation?
    • First thing I want to clear is that THIS IS NOT A BOOTLOOP. A bootloop is when your device is literally rebooting continuously on its own. I haven't seen this happen in quite some time. That being said:
    • If the mod includes an audioserver binary, then the most likely reason is that the included audioserver isn't playing nicely with your device. [B]Take a logcat via adb[/B]
    • Check if it is sepolicy related. Read through section 5.5 here for a quick background on it. Basically, you need to take a full logcat, and search through it for any audit statements that may be related to audio and/or this app and make an allow statement in the service script of the mod. Just make a post with that info to the mod thread and maybe the dev can add those in
    • If it's not sepolicy related (very possible due to the audioserver), then the mod probably isn't compatible with your device :( Follow the uninstallation procedure above and/or make a post with a logcat, device name, rom, and list of other mods installed
  • White screen when opening AM3D?
    • AM3D is a very old app and it requires some framework patches to work that only older roms and the occassional newer custom roms have. So if you have this problem, it means your rom isn't compatible with this mod :(
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