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Kamil Monicz Zaczero

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Zaczero /
Last active April 24, 2023 16:10
Prevent netscan abuse on your Tor exit node with UFW and Fail2Ban

🧅 Mitigating the Tor netscan problem

This is a guide to my personal solution to the Tor netscan problem, which can affect the reputation of exit nodes. The solution uses ufw, fail2ban, and systemd-journal, but can be adapted to suit your needs. This approach is not perfect, but it helps prevent netscan abuse while still supporting the Tor network.


The solution works by temporarily banning outgoing traffic to a specific port if too many connections are made in a short period of time. This may affect some legitimate traffic, but due to the anonymous nature of Tor, it's not possible to block specific traffic sources.

Zaczero / osm-copy-changeset-ids.user.js
Last active January 29, 2023 05:18
🗺️ Easily copy user's changeset IDs on OpenStreetMap
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// ==UserScript==
// @name 🗺️ Easily copy user's changeset IDs on OpenStreetMap
// @namespace Violentmonkey Scripts
// @match*/history
// @grant none
// @version 1.0
// @license GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
// @author Zaczero
// @description 1/29/2023, 5:25:13 AM
// @updateURL
View PGP: Kamil Monicz <>
Comment: User-ID: Kamil Monicz <>
Comment: Created: 11/13/2021 12:39 AM
Comment: Expires: 1/1/2024 12:00 PM
Comment: Type: 256-bit EdDSA (secret key available)
Comment: Usage: Signing, Encryption, Certifying User-IDs
Comment: Fingerprint: B57034522726AB3DABEB0971F3A5FD85563C1205