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Last active Aug 31, 2020
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Shell script to download and install latest golang
#! /bin/bash
# [](
# Download latest Golang release for AMD64
set -euf -o pipefail
# Install pre-reqs
sudo apt-get install python3 git -y
o=$(python3 -c $'import os\nprint(os.get_blocking(0))\nos.set_blocking(0, True)')
#Download Latest Go
echo "Finding latest version of Go for AMD64..."
url="$(wget -qO- | grep -oP 'https:\/\/dl\.google\.com\/go\/go([0-9\.]+)\.linux-amd64\.tar\.gz' | head -n 1 )"
latest="$(echo $url | grep -oP 'go[0-9\.]+' | grep -oP '[0-9\.]+' | head -c -2 )"
echo "Downloading latest Go for AMD64: ${latest}"
wget --quiet --continue --show-progress "${url}"
unset url
# Remove Old Go
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/go
# Install new Go
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go"${latest}".linux-amd64.tar.gz
echo "Create the skeleton for your local users go directory"
mkdir -p ~/go/{bin,pkg,src}
echo "Setting up GOPATH"
echo "export GOPATH=~/go" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile
echo "Setting PATH to include golang binaries"
echo "export PATH='$PATH':/usr/local/go/bin:$GOPATH/bin" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile
echo "Installing dep for dependency management"
go get -u
# Remove Download
rm go"${latest}".linux-amd64.tar.gz
# Print Go Version
/usr/local/go/bin/go version
python3 -c $'import os\nos.set_blocking(0, '$o')'
#! /bin/bash
set -euf -o pipefail
sudo apt-get install gpg -y
curl | gpg --dearmor > microsoft.gpg
sudo mv microsoft.gpg /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/microsoft.gpg
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscode.list'
sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install code-insiders -y
sudo apt-get install libxss1 libasound2 -y
code-insiders --install-extension lukehoban.Go
code-insiders --install-extension PeterJausovec.vscode-docker
code-insiders --install-extension Zignd.html-css-class-completion
code-insiders --install-extension ecmel.vscode-html-css
code-insiders --install-extension redhat.vscode-yaml
code-insiders --install-extension codezombiech.gitignore
code-insiders --install-extension IBM.output-colorizer
code-insiders --install-extension donjayamanne.git-extension-pack
code-insiders --install-extension formulahendry.docker-extension-pack
code-insiders --install-extension
code-insiders --install-extension eamodio.gitlens
code-insiders --install-extension donjayamanne.githistory
code-insiders --install-extension Shan.code-settings-sync
code-insiders --install-extension Equinusocio.vsc-material-theme
code-insiders --install-extension yzhang.markdown-all-in-one
code-insiders --install-extension anseki.vscode-color
code-insiders --install-extension shd101wyy.markdown-preview-enhanced
code-insiders --install-extension PKief.material-icon-theme
code-insiders --install-extension robertohuertasm.vscode-icons
code-insiders --list-extensions --show-versions

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@romelgomez romelgomez commented Aug 23, 2020

now the DLs are in server.

#Download Latest Go


if [ ! -z "$1" ]; then

mkdir -p $GOTOOLS


echo "Finding latest version of Go for AMD64..."

# ..:: Get the file path e.g:
# /dl/go1.15.linux-amd64.tar.gz
DL_PATH_URL="$(wget --no-check-certificate -qO- | grep -oP '\/dl\/go([0-9\.]+)\.linux-amd64\.tar\.gz' | head -n 1)" 

latest="$(echo $DL_PATH_URL | grep -oP 'go[0-9\.]+' | grep -oP '[0-9\.]+' | head -c -2 )"

echo "Downloading latest Go for AMD64: ${latest}"

wget --no-check-certificate --continue --show-progress "$DL_HOME$DL_PATH_URL" -P $GOTOOLS


LATEST="$(find $GOTOOLS -name "go*" -type f | head -n 1)"

echo "LATEST: ${LATEST}"

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Owner Author

@Zate Zate commented Aug 23, 2020

Awesome thanks for the update. I've been meaning to move this into an ansible task as part of setting up code-server, so thanks for sharing your code.

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