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Zehkul /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Dirty script to play 1080p + 480p from youtube (DASH) in mpv

You probably shouldn’t be using this any more, mpv as of version 0.7 can directly make use of youtube-dl with the --ytdl option (enabled by default in 0.7.2) You can configure what formats mpv will play with the --ytdl-format option, something similar to this script can be achieved with --ytdl-format=303+bestaudio[ext=webm]/299+bestaudio/248+bestaudio[ext=webm]/137+bestaudio/302+bestaudio[ext=webm]/298+bestaudio/22/244+bestaudio[ext=webm]/135+bestaudio/18/best

This will also prefer 60fps content over normal versions of the videos and vp9 over h264, see

Zehkul / Convert Script –
Last active Nov 24, 2020
Script to quickly convert and crop videos from within mpv
View Convert Script –


This script for mpv intends to offer the fastest and simplest way to convert parts of a video—while you’re watching it and not really more work intensive than making a screenshot. A short demonstration:


You need:

  • yad (at least 0.26) (AUR)
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