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CTF/Hacking tools - Tools I use for security related work

General purpose

Terminator - Terminal emulator
zsh - My shell of choice prezto - Configuration management for zsh


010 Editor - Hex editor
VSCode - Text editor

Low-level reversing

IDA - Reversing IDE
Binary Ninja - Reversing IDE
Ghidra - Reversing IDE
capstone - Disassembly framework
unicorn - CPU emulator framework
keystone - assembler framework angr - Reversing tools
manticore - Symbolic execution engine
Frida - JS/Python hooking library
Intel PIN - Instrumentation, instruction count
Tracer - Tool for generating execution traces of a running process
qemu - Emulator

Odd architectures

Watcom - 16-bit DOS debugger
dosbox - DOS Emulator
no$gmb - Game Boy emulator w/ debugger
fceux - NES emulator w/ debugger

High-level reversing

uncompyle6 - Python disassembler & decompiler
bytecode-viewer - Android/Java decompiler
apktool - Android reversing
dnSpy - .NET debug/decompile
trepan2 - Python debugger


JohnTheRipper - password cracking
extundelete - File recovery for EXT
Volatility - Memory forensics


Wireshark - Network traffic analyzer
Tshark - CLI network traffic analyzer
NetworkMiner - PCAP file carver
nmap - Network scanner
socat - SOcket CAT
ngrok - Public reverse proxy

File formats

binwalk - File type analyzer
oletools - Parse OLE files (old Office)
PNGAnalyzer - PNG file analyzer
JPEGsnoop - JPEG file analyzer
Gimp - Image processing
Audacity - Audio processing
origami - PDF analysis framework
zbarimg - QR code reader


GNU Radio - Signals processing
grc - GNU Radio Companion, IDE for GNU radio
baudline - Signal processing GUI
sigrok - Signal analysis


Burp Suite - Web attack framework
dvcs-ripper - Version control downloader
sqlmap - SQL injection scanner
NoSQLMap - NoSQL injection scanner
wpscan - Wordpress vuln scanner
zap - OWASP web scanner
proxychains - Tor proxying

Math/general science

z3 - SMT solver
sagemath - Math library
graphviz - Graph visualization
matplotlib - Python plot library
scipy/numpy - scientific Python


RsaCtfTool - Various attacks and tools on RSA


pwndbg - gdb plugin
preeny - preload libraries for exploitation
ROPgadget - Find ROP gadgets
pwntools - Tools and library for pwning
AFL - Fuzzing tool


Pillow - Python image library

Legacy (stuff I no longer find useful)

cgc2elf - Convert CGC to ELF executable
nikto - Web scanner
CeWL - Wordlist spider
pycdc - Python disassembler & decompiler
Dotpeek - .NET decompiler
radare2 - Reversing framework
angr-utils - CFG for angr
upx-ucl - Common packer/unpacker

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