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Week Projects: This is a week-based version of my previous Day Projects script (
-- Week Projects
-- Created by Zettt on 2015-12-28
-- zCasting 3000.
-- This script creates "Week Projects" in OmniFocus.
-- I use these "Week Projects" to put stuff, that I need to
-- do during a specific week, but aren't big enough to be their own project.
-- Things like "Call the doctor on Wednesday" or
-- "Check out the new store on Thursday" go in these.
-- You get the idea.
-- Note: I like dates being DD.MM.YYYY.
-- Leading zeros, no month names, four digit years.
-- In case you want to modify the names,
-- `man date` is your friend.
-- Note 2:
-- In order to use "set var to date otherVar
-- you need to give it a date string in your
-- locale. In Europe it's DD. MM. YYYY., in
-- USA it's probably YYYY/MM/DD. Please
-- edit accordingly in the shell script after +
-- 1.0: Initial release
repeat with weekNumber from 1 to 52
set weekStartShell to (do shell script "date -v +" & weekNumber & "w -v +0d -v 16y +'%d. %m. %Y'")
set weekStart to date weekStartShell
set weekEndShell to do shell script "date -v +" & weekNumber & "w -v +6d -v 16y +'%d. %m. %Y'"
set weekEnd to date (weekEndShell & " 23:59:59")
set projectName to (("CW" & weekNumber & ": " & weekStartShell & " - " & weekEndShell) as string)
log projectName
log weekStart
log weekEnd
tell application "OmniFocus"
tell folder "Paused Week Projects" of folder "Day Projects" of default document
set projectWeek to make new project with properties {name:projectName, defer date:weekStart, due date:weekEnd, singleton action holder:true}
end tell
end tell
end repeat
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