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Script to put a list of text from your clipboard in Reminders. Inspiration drawn from Drafts' "List to Reminders" feature. More info: (not published yet)
-- get clipboard and separate lines
set clipboardText to the clipboard as text
set reminderLines to paragraphs of clipboardText
set defaultRemindersList to "Shoppinglist"
-- figure out if a non-default reminder list should be used
if item 1 of reminderLines starts with "!" then
-- set other reminder list and delete first line
set remindersList to characters 2 thru -1 of item 1 of reminderLines as text
set reminderLines to items 2 thru -1 of reminderLines
set remindersList to defaultRemindersList
end if
tell application "Reminders"
-- create reminders
tell list remindersList
repeat with currentReminderLine in reminderLines
make new reminder with properties {name:currentReminderLine as text}
end repeat
end tell
end tell
-- optionally quit Reminders
tell application "System Events"
set quitReminders to display dialog "Quit Reminders?" buttons {"No", "Yes"} default button "Yes"
if button returned of quitReminders is equal to "Yes" then
tell application "Reminders" to quit
else if button returned of quitReminders is equal to "No" then
-- if no is clicked, system events would still be active, so
-- let's activate Reminders again
tell application "Reminders" to activate
end if
end tell

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@amelchi amelchi commented Feb 7, 2017

is it possible to add other properties? id, note?

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