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Export all pages to high resolution .png images by importing this script into your .vsdx file and run it.
Attribute VB_Name = "ExportAllPages"
Sub ExportAllPagesToHighResolutionPng()
Application.Settings.SetRasterExportResolution visRasterUsePrinterResolution, 600#, 600#, visRasterPixelsPerInch
Application.Settings.SetRasterExportSize visRasterFitToSourceSize, 10.666667, 7.739583, visRasterInch
Application.Settings.RasterExportDataFormat = visRasterInterlace
Application.Settings.RasterExportColorFormat = visRaster24Bit
Application.Settings.RasterExportRotation = visRasterNoRotation
Application.Settings.RasterExportFlip = visRasterNoFlip
Application.Settings.RasterExportBackgroundColor = 16777215
Application.Settings.RasterExportTransparencyColor = 16777215
Application.Settings.RasterExportUseTransparencyColor = False
Dim page As page
For Each page In ThisDocument.Pages
page.Export (ThisDocument.Path & page.Name & ".png")
End Sub
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