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Created Nov 2, 2019
How to Install `Ubuntu 19.10+` alongside `Windows 10`

How to Install Ubuntu 19.10+ alongside Windows 10


  1. In the laptop BIOS enable Legacy Boot (if the laptop supports UEFI/Legacy Boot) as dual-booting is problematic on UEFI enabled hardware.
  2. When booting enter the BIOS boot menu (e.g. by pressing F12) and select Legacy Boot.
  3. Create the required logical partions on the drive for Windows 10 and leave unalocated space for Ubuntu 19.10+.
View SSHTools-appveyor.yml
# Version format
version: 1.0.0.{build}
#- Ubuntu1804
- Visual Studio 2017
platform: x64
View GunBox-appveyor.yml
# Version format
version: 1.0.0.{build}
- Ubuntu1804
- Visual Studio 2019
platform: x64
Zingam / CMakeSettings.json
Created Dec 9, 2018
Blender build configuration file for VS2017: CMakeSettings.json
View CMakeSettings.json
// See for more information about this file.
"environments": [
"CacheScript": "${workspaceRoot}\\build_files\\cmake\\config\\blender_lite.cmake",
"configurations": [
// MSVC-Ninja-x64-Debug

How to Pass Parameters to an Android App via Android Studio

  1. In Android Studio 3.1 open Run/Debug Configurations
  2. For the respective Configuration, e.g app under General->Launch Options->Launch Flags: add a key-value pair, e.g. --ei DAY_TIME 5. For more options see: Specification for intent arguments
  3. Read the key-value pair in Kotlin:
// Get the value with intent.extras[KEY_VALUE] which returns a value of type 
// Any!. Check for "null" and convert it to a string otherwise return a string 
View DriveX_Map.reg
"X Drive"="subst X: \"C:\\Users\\HGH\\Documents\\Programming\""
Zingam / MakeDriveX.bat
Created Mar 14, 2016
Create persistent drive subst of a folder
View MakeDriveX.bat
:: This command will create a persistant drive subst of a folder accross
:: reboots and will also be available to command prompts with raised
:: privileges.
:: Example:
:: "C:\Users\HGH\Documents\Programming" will be mapped to drive "X:\"
:: For details see:
Zingam / unsparse.bat
Created Mar 22, 2015
Unset the "sparse' flag of a file
View unsparse.bat
REM Unsets "sparse" flag of a file.
REM Usage: Drag and drop the file onto the batch file.
fsutil sparse queryflag %1 pause
fsutil sparse setflag %1 0
fsutil sparse queryflag %1 pause
Zingam / build-openssl-vs2013
Last active Mar 14, 2016
How to build OpenSSL on Visual Studio 2013 (64bit target)
View build-openssl-vs2013
How to build OpenSSL on Visual Studio 2013 (64bit target)
For some reason running the following commants from a .bat file won't work.
Use the Command Prompt.
Command Prompt:
VS2013 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt - for native builds for example if you
build for Windows 7 64 build you should use this Command Prompt.
VS2013 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt - use this if you are compiling on 32 bit
Zingam / QtCreatorAutoKits
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Qt Creator: Enabling standalone installation to automatically detect Qt SDK.
View QtCreatorAutoKits
As it is currently, you can only hack that by symlinking /share/qtcreator/QtProject/
(or Qt on OS X) to the same path within your standalone Qt Creator
Example (Windows):
C:\Qt\qtcreator-3.2.82\share\qtcreator>mklink /d QtProject c:\qt\Tools\QtCreator\share\qtcreator\QtProject
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