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For when you've got a local git repo that's just too hard to recover
# Author: Zoey Llewellyn "Zobean" Hewll
# Usage: fix-git [REMOTE-URL]
# Must be run from the root directory of the repository.
# If a remote is not supplied, it will be read from .git/config
# For when you have a corrupted local repo, but a trusted remote.
# This script replaces all your history with that of the remote.
# If there is a .git, it is backed up as .git_old, removing the last backup.
# This does not affect your working tree.
# This does not currently work with submodules!
# This will abort if a suspected submodule is found.
# You will have to delete them first
# and re-clone them after (with `git submodule update --init`)
# Error codes:
# 1: If a url is not supplied, and one cannot be read from .git/config
# 4: If the url cannot be reached
# 5: If a git submodule is detected
if [[ "$(find -name .git -not -path ./.git | wc -l)" -gt 0 ]] ;
echo "It looks like this repo uses submodules" >&2
echo "You will need to remove them before this script can safely execute" >&2
echo "Then use \`git submodule update --init\` to re-clone them" >&2
exit 5
if [[ $# -ge 1 ]] ;
if ! url="$(git config --local --get remote.origin.url)" ;
echo "Unable to find remote 'origin': missing in '.git/config'" >&2
exit 1
url_base="$(echo "${url}" | sed -E 's;^([^/]*://)?([^/]*)(/.*)?$;\2;')"
echo "Attempting to access ${url_base} before continuing"
if ! wget -p "${url_base}" -O /dev/null -q --dns-timeout=5 --connect-timeout=5 ;
echo "Unable to reach ${url_base}: Aborting before any damage is done" >&2
exit 4
echo "This operation will replace the local repo with the remote at:"
echo "${url}"
echo "This will completely rewrite history,"
echo "but will leave your working tree intact"
echo -n "Are you sure? (y/N): "
read confirm
if ! [ -t 0 ] ; # i'm open in a pipe
# print the piped input
echo "${confirm}"
if echo "${confirm}"|grep -Eq "[Yy]+[EeSs]*" ; # it looks like a yes
if [[ -e .git ]] ;
# remove old backup
rm -vrf .git_old | tail -n 1 &&
# backup .git iff it exists
mv -v .git .git_old
fi &&
git init &&
git remote add origin "${url}" &&
git config --local --get remote.origin.url | sed 's/^/Added remote origin at /' &&
git fetch &&
git reset origin/master --mixed
echo "Aborting without doing anything"
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marcelser commented Jan 9, 2018

The script doesn't setup the remote tracking branch correctly after reinitialising. you have to also "git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/<branchname> <branchname>" given origin is the remote's name

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