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Created July 12, 2019 08:40
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# This script going to fix the IMM (v1) web access,by enabling HTTPS.
# Reference:
# First, you have to download and install the IBM Advanced Settings Utility.
# Then adjust your hostname, username and password. The script assuming factory defaults.
# self signed cert generation:
/opt/lenovo/toolscenter/asu/asu64 set IMM.https_service enable --host= --user=USERID --password=PASSW0RD
# SSL enable
/opt/lenovo/toolscenter/asu/asu64 set IMM.SSL_Server_Enable enable --host= --user=USERID --password=PASSW0RD
# reboot the IMM
/opt/lenovo/toolscenter/asu/asu64 rebootimm --host= --user=USERID --password=PASSW0RD
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