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Alex B ZucchiniZe

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View Todo.elm
module Todo exposing (main)
import Css exposing (..)
import Css.Colors exposing (..)
import Html
import Html.Styled exposing (..)
import Html.Styled.Events exposing (..)
import Html.Styled.Attributes exposing (..)
ZucchiniZe /
Last active Nov 8, 2017
teaching programming to hs juniors who have no prior experience

Teaching how to code

We will be learning the basics of programming using the very common language 'javascript'. Some of you may have heard of the programming language 'java'. It is very different from javascript. Javascript is somewhat similar to C++ which is the language that we use to program the arduinos.


To follow along, all of you should go to There are two halves of the screen, the white and the navy

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cgi-bin/build_layout.bash 81851801da18b5336ebd979ef5830185159fe765d4c6b9 KType standard "KType-Standard-0.kll" "KType-Standard-1.kll" 2>&1
+ DefaultMapOverride='stdFuncMap KType-Standard-0'
+ PartialMapsExpandedOverride='stdFuncMap KType-Standard-1'
+ /srv/KiiConf/controller/Keyboards/k-type.bash -c /srv/KiiConf/controller -o /srv/KiiConf/tmp/81851801da18b5336ebd979ef5830185159fe765d4c6b9
linux-gnu/Linux is supported.
Selected Generator: Ninja
-- Build CPU Detected:
ZucchiniZe / layout.json
Last active Nov 2, 2017
k-type keyboard layout json file (since no caching has been implemented into the configurator :p)
View layout.json
"header": {
"Variant": "standard",
"Generator": "NONE",
"Base": "Base",
"Date": "2017-10-13",
"KLL": "0.5c",
"Author": "jbondeson (Jeremy Bondeson) 2017",
"Version": "0.2",
"Name": "KType",
View Analyzing data.ipynb
Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?
Sorry, we cannot display this file.
Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed.
let pluralize ::word numItems::items => {
if (items != 1) {
(string_of_int items) ^ " " ^ word ^ "s";
} else {
(string_of_int items) ^ " " ^ word;
type item = {
id: int,

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am zucchinize on github.
  • I am alexb ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBOnQe7vgywFqdl3lVqVhC5x2rqbAnDUNqcR2_g6Q22MAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

ZucchiniZe / rainbow.ts
Last active Apr 29, 2017
a rainbow thing. takes an old color an increments it up in a rainbow step
View rainbow.ts
interface Color {
r: number
g: number
b: number
function hexToColor(hex: string): Color {
let color: Color = {} as any
color.r = parseInt(hex.slice(0, 2), 16)
color.g = parseInt(hex.slice(2, 4), 16)
import random
def intellisult(name):
insult_words = {
'A': ['a confoundedly', 'a conspicuously', 'a cruelly', 'a deucedly', 'a devilishly', 'a dreadfully', 'a frightfully', 'a grievously', 'a lamentably', 'a miserably', 'a monstrously', 'a piteously', 'a precociously', 'a preposterously', 'a shockingly', 'a sickly', 'a wickedly', 'a woefully', 'an abominably', 'an egregiously', 'an incalculably', 'an indescribably', 'an ineffably', 'an irredeemably', 'an outrageously', 'an unconscionably', 'an unequivocally', 'an unutterably'],
'B': ['appalling', 'babbling', 'backward', 'bantering', 'blabbering', 'blighted', 'boorish', 'contemptible', 'corpulent', 'cretinous', 'debauched', 'decadent', 'demented', 'depraved', 'detestable', 'dissolute', 'execrable', 'fiendish', 'foolish', 'foul', 'gluttonous', 'grotesque', 'gruesome', 'hermaphroditic', 'hideous', 'ignominious', 'ignorant', 'ill-bred', 'ill-mannered', 'incompetent', 'incorrigible', 'indecent', 'inept', 'insignificant', 'insufferable', 'insufferable', 'lasc
import logging
import discord
import asyncio
import aiohttp
from discord.ext import commands
DESC = '''A discord bot made specially for the everest discord featuring such
spicy memes as the testing noise, and others.
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