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A python script to automatically summarize soccer videos based on the crowd's reactions
# This Python script makes a summary of a football game by cutting
# the video around the 10 % loudest moments, which generally
# include the goals and other important events.
# For more details, see this blog post:
# LICENCE: Creative Commons 0 - Public Domain
# I, the author of this script, wave any rights and place this work in the public domain.
import numpy as np # for numerical operations
from moviepy.editor import VideoFileClip, concatenate
clip = VideoFileClip("soccer_game.mp4")
cut = lambda i:,i+1).to_soundarray(fps=22000)
volume = lambda array: np.sqrt(((1.0*array)**2).mean())
volumes = [volume(cut(i)) for i in range(0,int(]
averaged_volumes = np.array([sum(volumes[i:i+10])/10
for i in range(len(volumes)-10)])
increases = np.diff(averaged_volumes)[:-1]>=0
decreases = np.diff(averaged_volumes)[1:]<=0
peaks_times = (increases * decreases).nonzero()[0]
peaks_vols = averaged_volumes[peaks_times]
peaks_times = peaks_times[peaks_vols>np.percentile(peaks_vols,90)]
for t in peaks_times:
if (t - final_times[-1]) < 60:
if averaged_volumes[t] > averaged_volumes[final_times[-1]]:
final_times[-1] = t
final = concatenate([clip.subclip(max(t-5,0),min(t+5, clip.duration))
for t in final_times])
final.to_videofile('soccer_cuts.mp4') # low quality is the default
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ghost commented Jul 5, 2014

Great stuff!

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Amazing example of the Python's power.

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kmonsoor commented Jul 6, 2014


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rtaibah commented Jul 7, 2014

The next step is to take each peak and convert it to a GIF for social sharing.

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paul8620 commented Jul 8, 2014

And automatically share:)

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What about mkv files? I just tried with a mkv and couldn't run it

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Hi, Im not familiar with python, what version I need? thanks

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Incredible. How do you plot the volume using matlibplot? I've got a video with lots of dead air and I'd like to cut the dead air while preserving the audio around the times the speaker is speaking.

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spolo96 commented Jan 8, 2022

@paul8620 I'm currently working on that at the moment 😉

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