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Last active May 1, 2023 21:22
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Tangled + MoviePy
This creates the following GIF, where the text appears to be "embedded"
in the video and "disappears" behind rapunzel.
from moviepy.editor import *
import numpy as np
import skimage.morphology as skm
tangled = VideoFileClip("tangled.flv", audio=False)
clip = tangled.subclip((32,37.2),(32,39.7)).resize(width=360)
# 'Background' frame. We'll spot Rapunzel by comparing the frames to this background.
ref_frame = clip.get_frame(0)
text = (TextClip("MoviePy !!!", fontsize=72, font='Impact-Normal',
color='yellow', stroke_color='black', stroke_width=3)
.on_color(size=clip.size, col_opacity=0)
def mask_fl(gf, t):
""" Returns the mask around Rapunzel for the given time t """
frame = clip.get_frame(t)
diff = (((frame-ref_frame)**2).max(axis=2) > 10**2)
cleaned = skm.remove_small_objects(diff, 40)
dilated = skm.binary_dilation(cleaned, skm.diamond(2))
return np.minimum(gf(t), 1.0-dilated)
text.mask = text.mask.fl(mask_fl, keep_duration=True)
final = CompositeVideoClip([clip, text])
final.write_gif('moviepy.gif', fps= 3*tangled.fps/5,)
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Zulko commented Feb 9, 2015

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