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Created July 7, 2015 12:07
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Dynamic DNS support shell script for
# settings
# Login information of
# Open DNS management page in your browser.
# URL vs settings:
# main
# get current ip address
current_ip="$(curl -s "")"
if [ "${current_ip}" == "" ]; then
echo "Could not get current IP address." 1>&2
exit 1
# login
loginResult=$(curl --compressed -k -L -c "${cookie_file}" \
-F "username=${freenom_email}" -F "password=${freenom_passwd}" \
"" 2>&1)
if [ "$(echo -e "${loginResult}" | grep "/clientarea.php?incorrect=true")" != "" ]; then
echo "Login failed." 1>&2
exit 1
# update
updateResult=$(curl --compressed -k -L -b "${cookie_file}" \
-F "dnsaction=modify" -F "records[0][line]=" -F "records[0][type]=A" -F "records[0][name]=" -F "records[0][ttl]=14440" -F "records[0][value]=${current_ip}" \
"${freenom_domain_name}&domainid=${freenom_domain_id}" 2>&1)
if [ "$(echo -e "$updateResult" | grep "<li class=\"dnssuccess\">")" == "" ]; then
echo "Update failed." 1>&2
exit 1
# logout
curl --compressed -k -b "${cookie_file}" "" > /dev/null 2>&1
# clean up
rm -f ${cookie_file}
exit 0
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felmur commented Jul 14, 2023

Mmmmm... I'm testing it with my two domains on freenom.

I'm not sure that 14400 for TTL value is a good idea. I've set 300 for this value, so the update of address of * will do every 5 minutes and not every 4 hours.

On freenom I had also set the main address of the domain, i.e. the one without host name and with only the domain name (so you could write "ping" or, or get an HTTPS certificate issued for the domain
With this change of yours, that line in the freenom config is lost, because you need to use a numeric address to configure it.

So the https certificate doesn't work either. So the https certificate for the domains doesn't work either.

Thank you, anyway.

for everyone else who had issues with this script (for whatever reason, the freenom website is spotty at the ebst of times), you can also use a third party service instead of adjusting the dns in the freenom website specifically with a cname record. i used which looked like this in freenom; SUBDOMAIN - CNAME - 14440 - and then pointing my update service to the duckdns website. doing it this way allows you to change the freenome dns once, while you can update the actual ip address how often you want using the third party dns service.

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