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Bookmarklet to quickly switch between a repo and the gh-pages ( view.
// Instructions. Save as a bookmark. Click when on a repo or (gh-pages branch) site.
location = /io$/.test(h) ?
'' + h.split('.')[0] + p:
'http://'+ p.split('/')[1]+''+ '/' + p.split('/').slice(2).join('/')

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@mjhea0 mjhea0 commented Jun 18, 2014

That would be even cooler to check to see if the github pages even exists before navigating there, but there is the Access-Control-Allow-Origin issue. I figured since it was and, they would allow such requests

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
undefined"GET", "", false);
XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. VM1046:2
NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''.

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@a-laughlin a-laughlin commented Jun 19, 2014

Interesting thought. You could circumvent the cross-origin issue by assuming that index.html exists on if it exists on the domain in a gh-pages branch. Have your xhr check that the gh-pages branch exists, search it for index.html, and render the appropriate path prefixed with

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