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aFarkas / index.html
Last active Feb 17, 2018
lazysizes requestIdleCallback
View index.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
window.lazySizesConfig = window.lazySizesConfig || {};
window.lazySizesConfig.ricTimeout = 0; // test: 0, 50, 100, 300
window.lazySizesConfig.throttleDelay = 40; //test: 0, 40, 100
View lazysizes-without-ric.js
(function(window, factory) {
var lazySizes = factory(window, window.document);
window.lazySizes = lazySizes;
if(typeof module == 'object' && module.exports){
module.exports = lazySizes;
}(window, function l(window, document) {
'use strict';
/*jshint eqnull:true */
View webpack-problem_.idea_encodings.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
<component name="Encoding">
<file url="PROJECT" charset="UTF-8" />
aFarkas / index.html
Last active Jan 23, 2019
link[rel="preload"] polyfill
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<!-- we use 'preload_' instead of 'preload' to make it testable in chrome -->
<link rel="preload_" onload="console.log(this, 'script');" href="" as="script" />
<link rel="preload_" onload="console.log(this, 'style');" href="" as="style" />
<link rel="preload_" onload="console.log(this, 'font');" href="LatoLatin-Regular.woff" as="font" type="font/woff" crossorigin="" />
View pf-size.js
/*! Picturefill - v3.0.2 - 2016-02-02
* Copyright (c) 2016; Licensed MIT
!function(a){var b=navigator.userAgent;a.HTMLPictureElement&&/ecko/.test(b)&&b.match(/rv\:(\d+)/)&&RegExp.$1<45&&addEventListener("resize",function(){var b,c=document.createElement("source"),d=function(a){var b,d,e=a.parentNode;"PICTURE"===e.nodeName.toUpperCase()?(b=c.cloneNode(),e.insertBefore(b,e.firstElementChild),setTimeout(function(){e.removeChild(b)})):(!a._pfLastSize||a.offsetWidth>a._pfLastSize)&&(a._pfLastSize=a.offsetWidth,d=a.sizes,a.sizes+=",100vw",setTimeout(function(){a.sizes=d}))},e=function(){var a,b=document.querySelectorAll("picture > img, img[srcset][sizes]");for(a=0;a<b.length;a++)d(b[a])},f=function(){clearTimeout(b),b=setTimeout(e,99)},g=a.matchMedia&&matchMedia("(orientation: landscape)"),h=function(){f(),g&&g.addListener&&g.addListener(f)};return c.srcset="
View sizes-detection.js
'use strict';
var width2 = '';
var width1 = '';
var img = document.createElement('img');
var test = function(){
var width = img.width;
if(width == 2){
alert('your browser support sizes');
aFarkas / focus-within.js
Last active Jul 5, 2019
simple focus-within polyfill
View focus-within.js
(function(window, document){
'use strict';
var slice = [].slice;
var removeClass = function(elem){
var update = (function(){
var running, last;
var action = function(){
var element = document.activeElement;
View imgloaded.js
* How to:
* $('div.container').imagesLoaded(function(){console.log('all images loaded in .container');});
* In case you need to support IE8, you need to use HTML5shiv **and** need to modify jQuery the following way:
'use strict';
$.fn.imagesLoaded = (function(){
var imageLoaded = function (img, cb, delay){
View maxres-.html
2x device and viewport 1000px: 2000.jpg (i.e.: 2dpr res)
3x device and viewport 1000px: 2000.jpg (i.e.: 2dpr res) <- constrained
3x device and viewport 1500px: 3000.jpg (i.e.: 2dpr res) <- constrained
<img srcset="500.jpg 500w, 1000.jpg 1000w, 1500.jpg 1500w, 2000.jpg 2000w, 3000jpg 3000w, 4000jpg 4000w" maxdpr="2" sizes="100vw" />
aFarkas / maxres.html
Last active Aug 29, 2015
add maxdpr option
View maxres.html
<!-- if you have 3dpr choose logo3x.png -->
<img src="logo.png" srcset="logo2x.png 200w, logo3x.png 300w" sizes="100px" />
if you have 3dpr and sizes computes to 100px choose img2.jpg
but if you have 2dpr and sizes computes to 150px take img3.jpg
<img src="img.jpg" srcset="img2.jpg 200w, img3.jpg 300w" maxdpr="2" sizes="100px" />
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