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DevOps/CI/CD course preparation

During this workshop, you'll need to use your own laptop for practical exercises.

Any operating system is allowed, but some installation variations may apply. The following software needs to be installed:

Specifically for Windows machine owners, the following set of tools is recommended:



The following simple test will help to ensure that virtualization and several other tools are set-up correctly:

  1. Open your shell
  2. mkdir test && cd test
  3. vagrant init aestasit/devops-ubuntu-16.04
  4. vagrant up
  5. vagrant ssh


Enable virtualization on BIOS level

On some laptops hardware support for virtualization may be disabled by default. In order to use any virtualization software that support needs to be enabled on BIOS level.

32-bit vs. 64-bit

If you still have a 32-bit system, then using 32-bit binaries of all the tools may help with some issues.


Run VirtualBox and Vagrant with Administrator rights

Sometimes it helps to run VirtualBox services, GUI and all other commands with administrative rights.

WARNING: If you have a computer that does not allow you to install and run things as Administrator, you will need to get a different computer or you need to seriously think why you let your company limit your productivity.

Uninstall Hyper-V component

VirtualBox may conflict with Windows native Hyper-V virtualization component. It needs to be removed from the list of Windows features.

Missing ssh executable

If Vagrant complains about missing ssh executable, install Git for Windows with all the tools and make sure the ssh command is on your PATH.

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