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Handbrake AVI to MP4 using built in present
# Given a folder with a set of avi files, convert each of those files to mp4 format,in the same folder.
# If the target mp4 name already exists, then skip.
# Following the conversion the file creation and amendment times get copied from the source/avi to the target/mp4.
# And finally, the target name (minus extension) is copied to the clipboard so that you can check the details in Explorer/search.
# The rootnames rename the same, only the extension changes.
$currDir = "G:\VideosCollection\TheRest"
$handBrakeDir= "C:\temp\HandBrakeCLI-1.0.7-win-x86_64"
$logFile = "$currDir/Conversion.$(Get-Random).log"
function AviToMp3 ($sourceAvi, $targetMp4) {
$cmd = "$handBrakeDir\HandBrakeCLI.exe"
$presetSwitch = "-Z"
$presetValue = "Fast 1080p30"
#$presetValue = "HQ 1080p30 Surround"
$verboseSwitch = "--verbose=1"
& $cmd $presetSwitch $presetValue -i $sourceAvi -o $targetMp4 $verboseSwitch
function Copy-SourceTimeStampToTarget ($sourceAvi, $targetMp4) {
$srcTime = Get-Item $sourceAvi
$targetTime = Get-Item $targetMp4
$targetTime.LastWriteTime = $srcTime.LastWriteTime
$targetTime.CreationTime = $srcTime.CreationTime
function Count-FileType ($folder, $extension) {
$set = (gci $folder -Filter "*.$extension") | Measure-Object
$setCount = $set.Count
"In folder [$folder], there are [$setCount] files of type [$extension]"
start-sleep 2
function Get-FileNameFromFullPath ($file) {
Split-Path -Path $file -Leaf
function Remove-FileNameFromFullPath ($file) {
function Get-VideoDuration ($fullPath) {
$LengthColumn = 27
$objShell = New-Object -ComObject Shell.Application
$objFolder = $objShell.Namespace($(Remove-FileNameFromFullPath $fullPath))
$objFile = $objFolder.ParseName($(Get-FileNameFromFullPath $fullPath))
$objFolder.GetDetailsOf($objFile, $LengthColumn)
function Convert-File ($source, $target) {
start-sleep 2
$startTime = Get-Date
AviToMp3 -sourceAvi $source -targetMp4 $target
$endTime = Get-Date
$secondsToConvert = [int] ($endTime - $startTime).TotalSeconds
Get-Date | Out-File -Append $logFile
"Completed conversion of [$source] in [$secondsToConvert] seconds" | Out-File -Append $logFile
$sourceSizeInMb = [int] ((Get-Item -Path $source).Length/1MB)
$targetSizeInMb = [int] ((Get-Item -Path $target).Length/1MB)
"sourceSizeInMb: [$sourceSizeInMb]" | Out-File -Append $logFile
"targetSizeInMb: [$targetSizeInMb]" | Out-File -Append $logFile
$conversionRate = $sourceSizeInMb/$secondsToConvert
"Conversion rate was [$conversionRate]MB per second" | Out-File -Append $logFile
$compressionRatio = $sourceSizeInMb/$targetSizeInMb
"Compression ratio was $compressionRatio ([$sourceSizeInMb]/[$targetSizeInMb])" | Out-File -Append $logFile
$aviDuration = Get-VideoDuration -fullPath $source
$mp4Duration = Get-VideoDuration -fullPath $target
"Avi duration: [$aviDuration]" | Out-File -Append $logFile
"MP4 duration: [$mp4Duration] (these should match)" | Out-File -Append $logFile
Get-Date | Out-File -Append $logFile
$baseName | clip.exe
start-sleep 5
# Entry point...
cd $currDir
Count-FileType -folder $currDir -extension "avi" | Out-File -Append $logFile
Count-FileType -folder $currDir -extension "mp4" | Out-File -Append $logFile
$aviList = gci -Filter *.avi
#$aviList = gci -Filter "2000-05-30 19.03.13 2001 Em grandad Wells paper plane.avi"
$aviList | % {
$currentAvi = $_
$baseName = $currentAvi.BaseName
$source = "$currDir/$baseName.avi"
$target = "$currDir/$baseName.mp4"
if (!( Test-Path $target)) {
Convert-File $source $target
Copy-SourceTimeStampToTarget -sourceAvi $source -targetMp4 $target
#cmd.exe '$handBrakeDir\HandBrakeCLI.exe -Z "Fast 1080p30" -i "G:\VideosCollection\Videos\2002-03-03 15.12.42 emma4.avi" -o "C:\MpegUtil\first2.mp4" --verbose=1'
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