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Algunos proyectos en Google Code
Nombre Sumario Movido a
abbaye-for-linux Linux port of indie game Abbaye des Morts
advanced-buddy-search-perl-pidgin Advanced Buddy Search Perl Pidgin
akernelloader Develope a Simple boot loader
altdrag Easily drag windows when pressing the alt key
amarino Android meets Arduino
android-apktool A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files
android-x86 An open source project to provide android support on x86
androidscreencast Desktop app to control an android device remotely
androino connect your mobile to real world objects
anticodeluxe A simple Qt4 based Window manager / Desktop Environment with very aesthetic and familiar look and feel.
arc90labs-readability Readability cleans up hard-to-read articles on the Web
archivefs An archival and backup file system for Linux using FUSE.
arcon Arcon Overlay!
ares Ares is a high level 3D game creation suite based on Crystal Space
asi-iesenlaces Programas para seguir el curso de Fundamentos de Programación
autokey Desktop automation utility for Linux and X11
avbot We can't eradicate vandalism, we can just revert it
backfire Saving CSS changes made with Firebug or Webkit Developer Toolbar
black-spiders ☯iRC Flooder Diamond Premium Package v7.0.0.2a PrO☯
busybox-android BusyBox installer for Android
captchacker Captcha Breaking using Support Vector Machines
cave9 sfcave goes 3D!
cdpedia una wikipedia offline
chromium Fork libre de Google Chrome
chuidiang-ejemplos Ejemplos de
clive A command line tool to extract media
colorama Simple cross-platform colored terminal text in Python
crmos Software CRM Open Source en ASP.NET
crunchyfrog SQL client and database front-end for GNOME
csharp-sqlite Windows C# port of the SQLite library
csipsimple SIP application for Android devices
dex2jar Tools to work with android .dex and java .class files
dlfcn-win32 dlfcn library for Windows
dngrep dnGREP
donceferino action game similar to Super Pang
dyndiv Simple dynamic DIVs (resize, move, hide, show)
elliptic Elliptic functions for Matlab and Octave
elaphe a barcode generator in python, powered by postscript.
endgame-singularity A simulation of a true AI. Survive, grow, and learn.
eve-chat Easy to use windows chat client for EVE Online.
expand pidgin plugin to expand inline shortened URLs
fbug Web development evolved
firefox-cache-forensics Tools for forensic analysis of Firefox Cache
firefoxshiftthemes Source code for Shift series Firefox themes.
freerct Build roller coasters, get rich
fuse-zip FUSE filesystem to mount ZIP archives with write support
galaxymageredux GalaxyMage Redux
gdata-python-client Google Data APIs Python Client Library
gdevilspie Interface to devilspie using pyGTK.
gevent Python networking library based on greenlet and libevent
gitmagic A guide to using Git.
google-gadgets-for-linux An open-source implementation of Google Gadgets platform for Linux.
google-web-toolkit GWT
gource software version control visualization
grake Youtube video link scanner
grepwin regular expression search for Windows
gwtwiki Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine)
httperf The httperf HTTP load generator
httpfox An HTTP analyzer addon for Firefox
hydorah-for-linux Opensource port of indie game Hydorah
inxi A newer, better system information script for irc, administration, and system troubleshooters.
java2python Translate Java to Python
js-hotkeys Javascript jQuery plugin for hooking keyboard events
js4py JavaScript for Python programmers
jsparser JavaScript parser.
kalahari template engine written in Python. ?
keyla A keyboard layout switcher for Windows
kst-gentoo-overlay kstati's gentoo overlay
kvirc-mirror mirror of
l517 simple wordlist generator for windows.
leandro-released Projectos mios jajaja
libvshadow Library and tools to access the Volume Shadow Snapshot (VSS) format.
logkeys a GNU/Linux keylogger that works!
lxpanelx lxpanel fork with improved taskbar
mac-dictionary-kit Mac Dictionary Kit
maphew A hewer of maps' small collection of tools I've built for myself, which may one day be useful for others
maratis Maratis is a simple, visual and portable game development tool.
masterpasswordtimeoutplus Master Password+ (Firefox/Thunderbird extension)
microemu MicroEmu is a pure Java implementation of Java ME.
mimemagic Provides mime type detection for various file types
mirandaupnptool The SourceSec Security Research Group's Miranda UPNP Administration Tool.
monochrometheme A monochrome theme for firefox
msnp-sharp C# implementation of the MSN protocol
msnwcrec MSN Webcam Recorder
msysgit Git for Windows
mupdf a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer
mvp-log-api (Unofficial) MedBiquitous Logging API
namebench Open-source DNS Benchmark Utility
nanox-microwindows-nxlib-fltk-for-dos This project ports the Nano-X, Microwindows, NXlib and FLTK 1.3.0 libraries to the DOS operating system using DJGPP
nltk Natural Language Toolkit Development
otroslogviewer Otros log viewer/parser with loading logs from remote servers (sftp, smb etc). Supporting log filters and automatic log highlightings
pefile pefile is a Python module to read and work with PE (Portable Executable) files
perfchart Clone of side-scrolling charts and meter bars in Windows Task Manager
phantom System for generic, decentralized, unstoppable internet anonymity
php-lc Python-inspired list comprehensions for PHP
pidgin-embeddedvideo Watch videos directly into your Pidgin conversation
pidgin-facebookchat Facebook Chat plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-media-emblems Pidgin Media Emblems
pidgin-nudge Pidgin plugin that shakes your conversation window when you receive a nudge/buzz/zap
pidgin-paintboard Draw with a buddy using Pidgin Instant Messager
pidgin-plugins Useful plugins for pidgin
pingus A puzzle game where the player has to guide a group of penguins to safety
pipe-progress PV-like progressbar for unix-shell
psxsdk Open source software development kit for the Sony PlayStation
pwin2lin PuTTY Windows to Linux conversion script (PERL)
pyafipws Interfases, herramientas y aplicativos para Servicios Web AFIP (Factura Electrónica, Granos, Operaciones Cambiarias, Aduana), ANMAT (Trazabilidad de Medicamentos), RENPRE (Trazabilidad de Precursores Químicos), SENASA (Trazabilidad de Productos Fitosanitarios y Veterinarios) y ARBA (Remito Electrónico)
pyftpdlib Extremely fast and scalable Python FTP server library
pyhttptools Python tool collection for working via http protocol
pyrit WPA/WPA2-PSK and a world of affordable many-core platforms
pyscripter An open-source Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
pysimplesoap Python simple and lightweight SOAP Library (a.k.a. soap2py)
python-no-muerde Un libro acerca de programación, Python, PyQt y otras yerbas
python-spidermonkey A bridge between Python and the Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.
pythonfutures A futures implementation for Python
pytyle PyTyle is an on-demand automatic (XMonad style) and manual (Musca style) tiling manager that works with existing EMWH compliant window managers.
qoo-framework Qoo is a lightweight easy-to-customize php5 framework with focus on simplicity and source code readability.
quake2-gwt-port Quake II GWT Port
quickpurple QuickPurple is a Pidgin plugin that helps searching buddies.
quite-rss RSS/Atom feed reader
qwit Qt4 cross-platform client for Twitter
regis-cs312 Regis College CS312-09 Class Project
restricted-ui .NET Library for restricting user interface based on security policy
rom0reader File rom-0 reader
sfera Sfera is a game with real-time path tracing rendering
shortenurl Shorten URL - Firefox extension
simplepymage Simple Python Image Processing Library
skippy-xd Standalone composited window picker
skype4pidgin Skype API Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium
specto Unobtrusive notifier
stardict-3 StarDict is a Cross-Platform and international dictionary Software.
superswitcher A more feature-ful replacement of the Alt-Tab window switching behavior.
taringa-api A collection of taringa apis for multiple languages
tectonicus A high detail map renderer for Minecraft
tesseract-ocr An OCR Engine that was developed at HP Labs between 1985 and 1995... and now at Google.
the-urquan-masters-en-espanol The Ur-Quan Masters en Español
thebigpicture All Python Exif/IPTC reader and writer for JPEG en TIFF files
tortoisegit Windows Shell Interface to Git
transdroid A torrent client remote for Android
unladen-swallow A faster implementation of Python
urlscout Pidgin plugin that displays page title next to a link received
vimtouch Vi IMproved Touch (**MOVED TO GITHUB**)
virtualagc Virtual AGC and AGS emulation
vision-cms VisionCMS
wikiteam tools for archiving wikis
wxpsvg SVG rendering for wxPython
xbelld X daemon that performs an action every time the bell is rung
xbmc-tvalacarta XBMC plugins for spanish TV and movies on demand
xfce4-netspeed-plugin An xfce4 panel plugin that shows the network download/upload speed
xpud xPUD is a fast booting small Linux consists web browser, media player and easy-to-use interface
y2038 Saving The Future From The Past! A 2038 clean time.h for 32 bit time_t machines.
ymsg Yahoo Messenger protocol implementation in python.
zxing Multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library with clients for Android, Java
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