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Easy little function to get the video ID from any YouTube URL.
* quickYouTubeId: Easy little function to get the video ID from any YouTube
* URL.
* I went through a lot of snippets that perform various kinds of RegEx and
* parse_url and what not, but I thought, since most YouTube video IDs are 11
* characters, why not just look for the only 11-character string and extract
* that? I can't think of a YouTube URL that'll foil this match. Can you?
* 2018-06-06 - fixed the problem with other non-video IDs in the URL
* 2016-12-28 - modernized and made it more PSR-2 compliant and shorter
* 2012-07-28 - fixed for underscore matching
* 2012-07-27 - first release
* @param String $youTubeUrl The URL of the video in any format supported
* by YouTube
* @return String The 11-character YouTube video ID.
* @author Aalaap Ghag <>
function quickYouTubeId($youTubeUrl) {
return preg_match
? $id[1]
: false;
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aalaap commented Jul 28, 2012

The original function didn't match underscores. D'oh! Fixed.

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Jthe4th commented Aug 27, 2014

Awesome. After many searches and experiments, this is not only the simplest solution I found, but the only one that worked!

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itzmukeshy7 commented Aug 5, 2017

It doesn't work if the first query value is not video id like this:

Works for :

Can we do anything?

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aalaap commented Jul 6, 2018

@itzmukeshy7 Slightly tricky, due to the various formats. Maybe I could make it check for v=fRh_vgS2dFE or /fRh_vgS2dFE?

Edit: Fixed it! Thanks for reporting!

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You left out a "(" after preg_match.

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aalaap commented Feb 5, 2019

If anyone's still looking for this, it's now available as a provider for the excellent Faker library:

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