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Last active January 1, 2016 22:39
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Perl script to match a list of US phone numbers to the leaked Snapchat database of phone numbers and user names. Run in the same directory as the schat.csv file, and another file called that contains a list of US phone numbers—one number per line in the file. Since the final two digits of the number are obscured in the leaked file, …
print "Reading schat.csv\n";
open ( my $schat, "<schat.csv") || die "Can't open schat.csv: $!";
my @snaps = <$schat>;
chomp( @snaps );
print "Reading\n";
open ( my $contacts, "<") || die "Can't open $!";
my @friends = <$contacts>;
close ($contacts);
chomp( @friends );
my $i = 1;
my $j = scalar @friends;
foreach my $friend ( @friends ) {
print "Looking at number $friend\n";
print " Number $i of $j\n";
chop( $friend );
chop( $friend );
chop( $friend );
$i = $i + 1;
foreach my $snap ( @snaps ) {
$snap =~ s/"$//;
$snap =~ s/^"//;
$snap =~ s/","/,/g;
my @foo = split ",", $snap;
my $phone = $foo[0];
if ( $phone eq $friend ) {
print " Number $phone potentially matches contact. Snapchat user is $foo[1] in $foo[2]\n";
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