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Last active Jan 1, 2016
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Perl script to go through the leaked Snapchat database of phone numbers and user names, and divide it into separate CSV files split by location. Will create a file for each location in a locations/ subdirectory in the current working directory. Will report the totals for each location in CSV format.
use strict;
print "Reading schat.csv\n";
unless ( open ( FILE, "<schat.csv") ) {
print "Cannot open file for read\n";
my @foo = <FILE>;
chomp( @foo );
close FILE;
print "Checking for locations directory\n";
mkdir "locations" unless -d "locations";
print "Processing...\n";
my %locations;
foreach my $foo ( @foo ) {
$foo =~ s/"$//;
$foo =~ s/^"//;
$foo =~ s/","/,/g;
my @bar = split ",", $foo;
if( exists $locations{$bar[2]} ) {
$locations{$bar[2]} += 1;
} else {
$locations{$bar[2]} = 1;
unless ( open ( FILE, ">>locations/$bar[2].csv") ) {
print "Cannot open $bar[2].csv for write";
print FILE "$foo\n";
my $total = 0;
foreach my $key (sort keys %locations) {
print "$key,$locations{$key}\n";
$total = $total + $locations{$key};
print "Total = $total\n";
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