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Developer resources for Conflux Network

Conflux Network Developer Resources

Last update: Nov 2, 2020


Conflux Network is a PoW blockchain that achieves 3000+ transactions per second (TPS) through the DAG-based (directed acyclic graph) Tree-Graph algorithm.

For developers:

  • PoW is a proven consensus mechanism for large scale blockchain networks
  • High TPS means transaction fees will be significantly lower
  • Solidity compatible (no need to learn a new language!)
  • Built-in staking with 4% interest
  • New transaction sponsorship mechanism to allow apps to cover user TX fees

Where to Start

For everyone:

  • Don't forget to install Conflux Portal (it's our web wallet with a testnet CFX faucet)
  • Developer office hours - sign up here

For first time developers:

For developers who have built blockchain apps:

For people looking to hack together the Web3 stack:

  • Checkout the Conflux Network Global repo for various demos combining Conflux with Chainlink, The Graph, etc
  • More information is also available on our Medium where the demos are explained


Links to various pieces of documentation that may be helpful.

Topic Link to Code Details
Website -
Forum -
Tree-Graph algorithm -
Protocol Specification -
Transaction Sponsorship Smart Contract Interface
Staking Smart Contract Interface


Various tools for developing on Conflux Network


Conflux Portal

Browser-based wallet for Conflux Network
Developer Documentation


Public endpoints for mainnet and testnet.

Network Endpoint

Note: It is not recommended to depend on these endpoints for any deployed applications.

Block Explorer


Running a Node

Typically running a node for an endpoint is not necessary, see above for public endpoints.


Java SDK

Go SDK - Documentation

Javascript SDK - Documentation

Dev Environments

ShuttleFlow - Cross-Chain Asset Bridge


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