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Created Jul 21, 2016
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My Incredible Journey

When I started git-up back in December of 2009, I set out with a simple yet ambitious goal: to transform the relationship between people and software, specifically by enabling developers to update their local Git branches with fewer commands.

Over the years, the project took off and exceeded my wildest expectations. At its high point, someone was tweeting about it every month or two. It reached almost 3,000 stars on GitHub, which would be impressive if it hadn’t been around for over six years and if stars were a useful indicator of anything.

It’s therefore with a mixture of pride, sorrow and indifference that I’m announcing that git-up is joining Git! More precisely, Git 2.9 has implemented git pull --rebase --autostash, which does exactly what git-up does but without requiring you to install Ruby or any gems.

This isn’t the end - it’s really just the beginning. Together, we’re going to achieve incredible things. Just kidding. This totally is the end. I wasn’t actually involved in that feature at all, because I wouldn’t touch a C project of that size if you paid me.

I’d like to extend my personal thanks to all of you. Together we’ve created something incredible, or at least reasonably useful. I have lots of fond memories, like the time it got described as “vaguely insulting” on Hacker News, probably because I insulted Hacker News in the README for no particular reason. git-up might no longer be a thing, but those memories will stay with us forever, like objects in the immutable append-only graph that is the march of human history.

With love, Aanand


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@elliotcm elliotcm commented Jul 21, 2016


I'll pour one out for the littlest codebase that could

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