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Created February 24, 2015 19:57
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Custom find blueprint for sails.js. Get total records count and sent it via X-Total-Count header
'use strict';
* Module dependencies
var actionUtil = require('sails/lib/hooks/blueprints/actionUtil'),
_ = sails.lodash;
var async = require('sails/node_modules/async');
* Find Records
* get /:modelIdentity
* * /:modelIdentity/find
* An API call to find and return model instances from the data adapter
* using the specified criteria. If an id was specified, just the instance
* with that unique id will be returned.
* Optional:
* @param {Object} where - the find criteria (passed directly to the ORM)
* @param {Integer} limit - the maximum number of records to send back (useful for pagination)
* @param {Integer} skip - the number of records to skip (useful for pagination)
* @param {String} sort - the order of returned records, e.g. `name ASC` or `age DESC`
* @param {String} callback - default jsonp callback param (i.e. the name of the js function returned)
module.exports = function findRecords(req, res) {
// Look up the model
var Model = actionUtil.parseModel(req);
// If an `id` param was specified, use the findOne blueprint action
// to grab the particular instance with its primary key === the value
// of the `id` param. (mainly here for compatibility for 0.9, where
// there was no separate `findOne` action)
if (actionUtil.parsePk(req)) {
return require('sails/lib/hooks/blueprints/actions/findOne')(req, res);
// Lookup for records that match the specified criteria
var queryData = Model.find()
queryData = actionUtil.populateEach(queryData, req);
var queryCount = Model.count().where(actionUtil.parseCriteria(req));
// Expose header to the client
res.set('Access-Control-Expose-Headers', 'X-Total-Count');
data: getData,
count: getTotalCount
}, function (err, results) {
res.set('X-Total-Count', results.count);
function getTotalCount(cb) {
queryCount.exec(function (err, count) {
cb(null, count);
function getData(cb) {
queryData.exec(function found(err, matchingRecords) {
if (err) return res.serverError(err);
// Only `.watch()` for new instances of the model if
// `autoWatch` is enabled.
if (req._sails.hooks.pubsub && req.isSocket) {
Model.subscribe(req, matchingRecords);
if (req.options.autoWatch) {;
// Also subscribe to instances of all associated models
_.each(matchingRecords, function (record) {
actionUtil.subscribeDeep(req, record);
cb(null, matchingRecords);
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