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PHPStorm keymap

PHPStorm keymap

Personal PHPStorm keymap using SublimeText shortcuts & personal preferences.

Plugins required:

  • Extra Actions (used for "split selection into lines")
<keymap version="1" name="Personal" parent="Default for XWin">
<action id="BaseOnThisFunction" />
<action id="CheckinProject" />
<action id="CloseActiveTab">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl w" />
<action id="CloseContent">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl w" />
<action id="CompareTwoFiles" />
<action id="EditorDeleteLine">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl k" />
<action id="EditorDeleteToLineEnd">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl k" second-keystroke="ctrl k" />
<action id="EditorDeleteToLineStart">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl k" second-keystroke="ctrl back_space" />
<action id="EditorDuplicate">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl d" />
<action id="EditorJoinLines">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl j" />
<action id="EditorMoveToPageBottom" />
<action id="EditorMoveToPageTop" />
<action id="EditorNextWord">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl right" />
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="alt right" />
<action id="EditorPreviousWord">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl left" />
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="alt left" />
<action id="EditorSelectWord">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl space" />
<action id="EditorSplitLine" />
<action id="EditorStartNewLine">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl enter" />
<action id="EditorStartNewLineBefore">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl enter" />
<action id="EditorToggleCase">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl k" second-keystroke="ctrl u" />
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl k" second-keystroke="ctrl l" />
<action id="EditorUnSelectWord" />
<action id="ExpressionTypeInfo" />
<action id="FileStructurePopup">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl r" />
<action id="Find">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl f" />
<action id="FindNext">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="f3" />
<action id="FindPrevious">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift f3" />
<action id="GotoAction">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl p" />
<action id="GotoClass" />
<action id="GotoFile">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl p" />
<action id="GotoSymbol">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl r" />
<action id="IntroduceParameter" />
<action id="MethodHierarchy" />
<action id="NextTab">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl page_down" />
<action id="ParameterInfo">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl alt p" />
<action id="PreviousTab">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl page_up" />
<action id="Refactorings.QuickListPopupAction">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl t" />
<action id="Replace">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl h" />
<action id="ReplaceInPath">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl h" />
<action id="SelectAllOccurrences">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="alt f3" />
<action id="SelectNextOccurrence">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="ctrl d" />
<action id="SmartTypeCompletion" />
<action id="SplitSelectionIntoLines">
<keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="shift ctrl l" />
<action id="TypeHierarchy" />
<action id="TypeHierarchyBase.BaseOnThisType" />
<action id="Vcs.Push" />
<action id="Vcs.UpdateProject" />
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