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AlexaPi config.yaml
# See here for a detailed discussion:
# See
# to get a better idea of how to set things in here
# Level of log output
# default: INFO
# set to DEBUG for verbose logging
logging: INFO
# Name of your microphone device: "raspberrypi"
# leave empty for default
input_device: "USB Audio Device: - (plughw:1,0)"
playback_handler: "vlc"
# you can go here with alsa, pulse or others
# keep blank for the best audio output selected by the underlying code
output: "pulseaudio"
# output device: "raspberrypi"
# currently supports ALSA only
output_device: ""
# if left empty, won't be passed to the underlying library / command if it supports it
# if it doesn't 100% will be used
default_volume: 80
# Means the same as above, but is used for media (playing music for example)
# Leave blank to use the same setting as for speech content
# Some device: "raspberrypi"
# value is the number of seconds of silence to pad the beginning and end of the audio. Only
# the sox handler supports this configuration option.
playback_padding: 0
# Amazon Alexa settings
Client_ID: "amzn1.application-oa2-client.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Client_Secret: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Device_Type_ID: "Treelexa"
Security_Profile_Description: "Treelexa"
Security_Profile_ID: "amzn1.application.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
refresh_token: "xxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
# See for the description of these options
enabled: true
voice_confirm: false
# one of: oneshot-vad, continuous, continuous-vad
event_type: "oneshot-vad"
# only for "continuous" event_types
# system command to run after pressing the button for _duration_ number of seconds
# empty to disable
command: ""
# duration in seconds
duration: 10
# optional audio file to play before executing the command
# you might wanna use full path to make sure AlexaPi finds it
# you can use {resources_path} for the path to the AlexaPi "resources" directory
audio_file: ""
enabled: false
voice_confirm: true
phrase: "alexa"
threshold: 1e-10
enabled: true
voice_confirm: true
# model: "{distribution}/alexa/alexa_02092017.umdl"
model: "/opt/AlexaPi/Oh_Christmas_Tree.pmdl"
sensitivity: 0.5
# Commands to run before and after an interaction begins. Leave empty to disable.
# Example used to lower shairport-sync volume during interaction with alexa
# startup: "amixer set shairportvolume 100%"
# pre_interaction: "amixer set shairportvolume 10%-""
# post_interaction: "amixer set shairportvolume 10%+""
# Note this assumes you have redirected shairport-syncs audio to a seperate softdevice
# with control "shairportvolume". Example asound.conf avalible in the scripts folder
# Command to run at the start of AlexaPi
startup: ""
# Command to run after a trigger is detected but before an interaction begins
pre_interaction: ""
# Command to run after the interaction has completed
post_interaction: ""
# Command to run during a clean shutdown of AlexaPi
shutdown: ""
# Name of your platform, e.g. raspberrypi, orangepi, desktop
device: "raspberrypi"
# common config for all platforms (if they support the options)
# can be overriden in the the respective platform sections
# GPIO Pin with button connected
button: XIO-P1
# GPIO Pin for the playback/activity light
plb_light: XIO-P3
# GPIO Pin for the recording light
rec_light: XIO-P5
# GPIO Pin with button connected
button: 18
# GPIO Pin for the playback/activity light
plb_light: 24
# GPIO Pin for the recording light
rec_light: 25
# GPIO Pin with button connected
button: 20
# GPIO Pin for the playback/activity light
plb_light: 9
# GPIO Pin for the recording light
rec_light: 8
min_seconds_to_record: 3
# Magic Mirror -
# Integrates with MMM-AlexaPi module ( to display listening, playback, etc status
# Hostname of the AlexaPi HTTP server, leave empty for any name
hostname: ""
# Port the ALexaPi HTTTP server binds to
port: 5055
# Hostname of the Magic Mirror
mm_hostname: "localhost"
# Port of the Magic Mirror
mm_port: "8080"
# How ofter the Hearbeat fires in seconds
hb_timer: 5
# Hostname of the Hyperion node's JSON server
hyperion_json_host: ""
# Port of the Hyperion node's JSON server
hyperion_json_port: 19444
# Visual status as static 'color' or 'effect'
# Overridden by 'hyperion_flash_state_xxx'
hyperion_mode: "effect"
# Running speed when visualizing as 'effect'
hyperion_effect_speed: 1
hyperion_priority: 1
color_playback: [80, 213, 35]
color_processing: [35,169,213]
color_recording: [168, 35, 213]
flash_duration: 500
flash_frequency: 8
# Use Strobe effect instead of default effect or static color
flash_state_playback: true
flash_state_processing: false
flash_state_recording: false
# Visualize playback state
indicate_playback: true
#Also print json request/response when in debug mode
verbose: false
port: "/dev/ttyACM0"
baudrate: 9600
trigger: ""
playback_start: "g"
playback_end: "x"
recording_start: ""
recording_end: ""
processing_start: ""
processing_end: ""
failure: ""
success: ""
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