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Getting started

Download these

Visual Studio Code

This will be how we will edit the code. It's lightweight and pretty awesome.

Node JS

Something to run javascript on the backend and run local scripts. It also installs something called NPM (node package manager) which helps us install and run other helpers. Make sure to download LTS and not Current.


Git is a way to share and collaborate on our code. It can be really confusing but is very powerful. Make sure to check the boxes it prompts. I would check them all but ESPECIALLY the one that adds git to your PATH.

Things to get via the command line

Angular Command Line tool

Angular is a front end javascript framework developed and supported by google. We'll start with this. To install it, you'll need to open a command prompt (after you install git you should also have "git bash", which is another command prompt which I think is better) and type npm install -g @angular/cli. This will use the node package manager (mentioned above) to install the Angular CLI (command line interface) globally. Meaning it can be accessed from anywhere in the command line and you won't have to be in any specific folder/project.

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