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Last active January 17, 2020 15:20
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  • for binary encoding we almost always want protobuf
  • for json we almost always want amino for querier backwards compatibility (protobuf json will happen elsewhere)
  • in some cases we want to allow amino as a fallback for interfaces


type Marshaler interface {
  // proto used for binary
	MarshalBinaryBare(o ProtoMarshaler) ([]byte, error)
	UnmarshalBinaryBare(bz []byte, ptr ProtoMarshaler{}) error

  // amino json
	MarshalJSON(o interface{}) ([]byte, error) // nolint: stdmethods
	MustMarshalJSON(o interface{}) []byte

	UnmarshalJSON(bz []byte, ptr interface{}) error // nolint: stdmethods
	MustUnmarshalJSON(bz []byte, ptr interface{})

// ProtoMarshaler defines an interface a type must implement as protocol buffer
// defined message.
type ProtoMarshaler interface {
	proto.Message // for JSON serialization

	Marshal() ([]byte, error)
	MarshalTo(data []byte) (n int, err error)
	MarshalToSizedBuffer(dAtA []byte) (int, error)
	Size() int
	Unmarshal(data []byte) error


What was there before to allow amino or pb for Account

type AuthCodec interface {

	MarshalAccount(acc exported.AccountI) ([]byte, error)
	UnmarshalAccount(bz []byte) (exported.AccountI, error)

	MarshalAccountJSON(acc exported.AccountI) ([]byte, error)
	UnmarshalAccountJSON(bz []byte) (exported.AccountI, error)
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