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Using a custom authority provider within eosjs for Greymass Fuel
// A custom cosigner AuthorityProvider for EOSJS v2
// This provider overrides the checks on all keys,
// allowing a partially signed transaction to be
// broadcast to the API node.
class CosignAuthorityProvider {
async getRequiredKeys(args) {
const { transaction } = args;
// Iterate over the actions and authorizations
transaction.actions.forEach((action, ti) => {
action.authorization.forEach((auth, ai) => {
// If the authorization matches the expected cosigner
// then remove it from the transaction while checking
// for what public keys are required
if ( === 'greymassfuel'
&& auth.permission === 'cosign'
) {
delete transaction.actions[ti].authorization.splice(ai, 1)
return convertLegacyPublicKeys((await rpc.fetch('/v1/chain/get_required_keys', {
available_keys: args.availableKeys,
// Pass in new authorityProvider
const api = new Api({
authorityProvider: new CosignAuthorityProvider(),
// the rest of your configuration
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