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Created April 26, 2023 20:55
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RouterOS dynamic DNS update script for
# RouterOS dynamic DNS Update Script for
# =============================================
# Add your hostname and password below and adjust the waninterface
# if necessary. Then set up a scheduler to run this script periodically.
# CLI example:
# /system scheduler add interval=5m name=ddns_update on-event="/system script run ddns_henet" policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon start-time=startup
# make global to preserve IP address across script executions
:global ipddns
:local ddnshost ""
:local ddnspass "MY_SECURE_PASSWORD"
:local waninterface "pppoe-out1"
:local url ""
# get current IP address from WAN interface
:local ipfresh [/ip address get [find where interface=$waninterface] value-name=address]
:if ([ :typeof $ipfresh ] = nil ) do={
:log error ("DDNS: No IP address on $waninterface")
# extract the portion of the IP address before the last / character
:for i from=( [:len $ipfresh] - 1) to=0 do={
:if ( [:pick $ipfresh $i] = "/") do={
:set ipfresh [:pick $ipfresh 0 $i];
:if ($ipddns = $ipfresh) do={
:log info ("DDNS: IP address is already up to date")
:log info ("DDNS: IP address has changed from $ipddns to $ipfresh, sending update...")
:local body "hostname=$ddnshost&password=$ddnspass&myip=$ipfresh"
:local result [/tool fetch mode=https output=user url=$url http-method=post http-data=$body as-value]
:if ($result->"status" != "finished") do={
:log error ("DDNS: Failed to send update")
:log info ("Response from server: " . $result->"data")
:if ([:find ($result->"data") "good"] = 0) or ([:find ($result->"data") "nochg"] = 0) do={
:set ipddns $ipfresh
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