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Aaron Jones aaronkjones

  • San Diego, CA
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"""Set all repositories of a given GitHub organization name for a given user
to watching.
import argparse
import json
import requests
def get_repos(url, repo_list=[], auth=None):
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Last active Jun 11, 2020 — forked from alexellis/
K8s (v1.10.2) on Raspbian (April 2018)

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Kubernetes on (vanilla) Raspbian Lite

Yes - you can create a Kubernetes cluster with Raspberry Pis with the default operating system called Raspbian. This means you can carry on using all the tools and packages you're used to with the officially-supported OS.


  • You must use an RPi 2 or 3 for use with Kubernetes
  • I'm assuming you're using wired ethernet (Wi-Fi also works, but it's not recommended)
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Last active Apr 26, 2018 — forked from innovia/
Create a service account and generate a kubeconfig file for it - this will also set the default namespace for the user
# Add user to k8s 1.6 using service account, no RBAC (must create RBAC after this script)
if [[ -z "$1" ]] || [[ -z "$2" ]];then
echo "usage: $0 <username> <environment (stg|prod)>"
exit 1
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$ sudo automate-ctl install-runner delivery -P somepassword
Preflight check...
Fetching Chef Server certificates for local use.
Verifying no legacy runners exist for this name.
Welcome to Workflow Runner Installation! We'll have a brand new runner ready in no time.
First, please take a second to make sure the following configuration is correct (you can skip this step by passing -y):
View gist:942298d9624f7adb3684420e939f947b
Sending build context to Docker daemon 9.216kB
Step 1/25 : FROM debian:8.8
8.8: Pulling from library/debian
9f0706ba7422: Pulling fs layer
9f0706ba7422: Verifying Checksum
9f0706ba7422: Download complete
9f0706ba7422: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:4bc62f74d246e8428be8dd3833461ba2cfd135064aed4001f3c12b87a011e30c
Status: Downloaded newer image for debian:8.8
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