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The best way to communicate is compatible. Compatible communication is listening with open ears and an open mind, and not being fearful or judgemental about what you're hearing.
You ever roasted doughnuts?
When you get lost in your imaginatory vagueness, your foresight will become a nimble vagrant.
I would like to give you a backstage pass to my imagination.
Listen to the silence. And when the silence is deafening, you're in the center of your own universe.
Sometimes horses cough and fart at the same time, so stay out of the range of its butt muscle because a horses butt muscle is thick.
Did you feel that? Look at me - I'm not out of breath anymore!
I wrestled a bear once. A 750lbs black bear.
The magic Indian is a mysterious spiritual force, and we're going to Cathedral Rock, and that's the vortex of the heart.
It's OK to get Rib-grease on your face, because you're allowing people to see that you're proud of these ribs.
Go with the feeling of the nature. Take it easy. Know why you're here. And remeber to balance your internal energy with the environment.
It's good to yell at people and tell people that you're from Tennesee, so that way you'll be safe.
These kind of things only happen for the first time once.
Have you urinated? Have you drained your bladder? Are you free? Because if you havent it will only come out later. I'm giving you some information that your bodily fluids may penetrate your clothing fibre's without warning.
Thats an advanced modern oxymoron. It was good, I like it and I beleived it. Man you got a way with using words. Thats like a lariat that does a snake whip on your back legs, I mean on the back of your legs - not that you have 4 legs - and pulls you this way, and thats what that line did to me and I believed every minute of it. Until I looked at the quadrangle that it produced with the verbs used in the sentence.
This is just common superficiality. Is thats whats so special about a woman? Superficiality with their face colours?
I've accepted the fact that what I want to do to find whats special about a woman is to be with women. And dress like them. And let them tell me what they feel like when they're dressed like that, because I cant do that if I go in there dressed like a man. But I'm not gay. This is not gay. Its not gay.
It depends on your ability to take a risk on eating something when you dont know what it is. Thats why I enjoy eating in the dark.
All men are failed women at birth. You know when you get the outside genitalia, its like "Oh my god what have they done to me?".
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