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Diff two email lists and find new and missing email
# Diff two email lists and find new and missing emails
# To use, call file and pass in an original list and updated list
# eg. ruby email_list_diff.rb ~/original_list.txt ~/updated_list.txt
original_list = File.readlines(ARGV[0])
updated_list = File.readlines(ARGV[1])
def find_unique_emails(list_01, list_02)
# given two email lists, find all emails
# in list_01 that are not in list_02
unique_emails = []
list_01.each do |email|
# Create an array of any matched emails
matches = { |line| line[/#{email.chomp}/i] }
if matches.empty?
# if no matches, it's a unique email
puts email
return unique_emails
puts "Finding new emails ... "
new_emails = find_unique_emails(updated_list, original_list)
puts "#{new_emails.count} emails added"
puts "Finding missing emails ..."
removed_emails = find_unique_emails(original_list, updated_list)
puts "#{removed_emails.count} emails removed"
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