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Baseline PR Template


A few sentences describing the overall goals of the pull request's commits.


  • Tested and working locally
  • New API endpoints documented
  • Unit tests (if appropriate)
  • Integration tests (if appropriate)


  • Tested on Chrome
  • Tested on Firefox
  • Tested on Safari
  • Tested on Edge
  • Tested dimensions on Tablet (768 w)
  • Tested dimensions on Mobile (320 w)

Impacted Areas in Application

List general components of the application that this PR will affect:

  • ie. User Account

Things to be done before Deploy

List of things to do before deploy (if applicable)

  • ie. Add STRIPE_PUBLIC and STRIPE_SECRET .env variables to rancher stacks

After Deploy

List of things to do after deploy (if applicable)

  • ie. Link new nio full binary in portal
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