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Slime documentation search for 4 common lisp search engines on the web.
;; refactoring from Ben Hyde's slime-documentation-search
;; this creates 8 kbd shortcuts to 4 lisp search engines
;; by specifying a key.
;; C-c C-d key should browse with the emacs default browser (my case w3m)
;; C-c C-d C-key should browse with the OS default browser
;; C-c C-d is the default for the slime-doc-map
(defvar slime-documentation-format-quickdocs
"Format string to create quickdocs url.")
(defvar slime-documentation-format-l1sp
"Format string to create l1sp url.")
(defvar slime-documentation-format-lispdoc
"Format string to create lispdocs url.")
(defvar slime-documentation-format-manifest
"Format string to create lisp-search manifest url.")
(defmacro slime-documentation-macro (key site-name)
(let* ((format-var (intern (concat "slime-documentation-format-"
(defun-name (intern (concat "slime-documentation-"
(defun-external-name (intern (concat "slime-documentation-external-"
(prompt (concat site-name " search for:"))
(key-external (concat "C-" key)))
(defun ,defun-name (name)
,(concat "Search request on " site-name " web site")
(interactive (list (slime-read-symbol-name ,prompt)))
(browse-url (format ,format-var (browse-url-encode-url name))))
(defun ,defun-external-name (name)
,(concat "External search request on " site-name " web site")
(interactive (list (slime-read-symbol-name ,prompt)))
(let* ((browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-default-browser))
(browse-url (format ,format-var (browse-url-encode-url name)))))
(define-key slime-doc-map ,key (quote ,defun-name))
(define-key slime-doc-map (kbd ,key-external)
(quote ,defun-external-name)))))
;; don't use "a", "d", "f", "h", "p", "z", "~", "#"
;; unless you want to override slime defaults.
;; you can give "s" to your favorite.
(slime-documentation-macro "q" "quickdocs")
(slime-documentation-macro "x" "l1sp")
(slime-documentation-macro "m" "manifest")
(slime-documentation-macro "l" "lispdoc")

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